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Jewelry Hand by dgo 2 days ago
Button Wrench Tool to work on IGT slot machine buttons, or similar by rvcullen Apr 15, 2015
BeQui, Jointed Robot - Print-Optimized Hands by MasterFX Apr 12, 2015
dirt(bag) masher by hiiithisisdan Apr 12, 2015
3D prostetic Hand with flexible joints not screws or springs by zenxteninc Apr 11, 2015
an open hand by MASimon Apr 6, 2015
Clasp | Handy Pendant Light, Iphone Cord Dock, Power Switch Cover, Table Lamp in One by Avooq Apr 6, 2015
Fully functional BATON, prints in one print by jjpowelly Mar 30, 2015
Golden Snitch stand by fotoianmontes Mar 30, 2015
Devilman Hand by RenatoT Mar 28, 2015
Robotic Hand in Printable Pose by ebottoms Mar 26, 2015
Miniature Robotic Hand for NinjaFlex by Open Bionics by openbionics Mar 25, 2015