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Hand Hanger by sanctum78 3 days ago
Orthosis for Typing and touchscreen by GabrielaB 3 days ago
Caduceus goblet on a finger by LeHardi42 3 days ago
Atomic Lab - RIGHT PROSTHETIC HAND - No strings - Modular by tubaro1 4 days ago
WristPoweredProsthetic by The_300th 5 days ago
Fidget caps by metosky 5 days ago
Nintendo Switch Grip by TacosForJesus Mar 20, 2017
Parametric Fidget Hand Spinner by dogancoruh Mar 14, 2017
Printable Vise + Ball Link = 3D Printed 3rd Hand by ya_nervous Mar 13, 2017
Headset Hand Hook with Cable Holder by runboyusa Mar 12, 2017
Rock funny guitar pick by narayan1986 Mar 10, 2017
Stanley Bailey Hand Plane Handles by JmsDwh Mar 9, 2017