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Bag Holder by MrTimPlay 1 day ago
1.5" decorative coin holder by jim_sab 3 days ago
AA battery holder/dispenser by jim_sab 4 days ago
3D Printer Key Holder by jim_sab 4 days ago
Spiral-hex vase by jim_sab 4 days ago
Retro-Futurism House (1950s) by Gorilla_Grodd 5 days ago
Universal Spool Holder v2.0 by jjpowelly Jul 27, 2015
Shadow Picture Frame by meelaadd Jul 27, 2015
TELEAVIA MATRIX by macakcat Jul 27, 2015

Challenge Winner

Taulman Spool Holder by jjpowelly Jul 23, 2015
Snowflake bluetooth lamp by Jon_Yam Jul 22, 2015
SCRABBLE Pieces and Rack by jjpowelly Jul 21, 2015