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23mm x 27mm PIR Case by mayaway 4 days ago
3mm IR Led (receiver and emiter) Holder by MrData Feb 27, 2017
The OpenScope (Digital night vision monocular) by mattgyver Feb 19, 2017
DIY head tracking USB  ball joint  in 123dx by ThreePenguin Feb 4, 2017
FLiR Camera Mount by kshanno88 Jan 31, 2017
Scanner Holder Bender by AndySurf Jan 13, 2017
Gamepad case for Radio Shack's Make: it Robotics Infrared Controller by joseamirandavelez Jan 8, 2017
support infrared by lluiscolomer Jan 4, 2017
IR_POD by circuit_sherpa Dec 1, 2016
1.75mm Inline Filament Roller IR Sensor Version 3 by PrintOnAShoestring Nov 20, 2016
Filament Roller IR Sensor Version 2 by PrintOnAShoestring Nov 13, 2016
IR Remote mount for Renkforce LED Strip by kaisergidorah Nov 2, 2016