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Inmoov Top Surface (no logo) by Geoffro Jan 5, 2015
InMoov Simple Servo Bed Reinforced Design by MrGordons Jan 2, 2015
Servo Size Adaptor (parametric scad) by lowlight Jan 1, 2015
inmoov neck redesign by animatormatthew Dec 2, 2014
JawHingeV1 with Opening for Wires by gestalt73 Nov 21, 2014
Faster Rotate/Twist for InMoov Bicep by gestalt73 Nov 15, 2014
Inmoov Hand Jr Servo Pulley (8g/9g servo) by Geoffro Nov 14, 2014
PivPotentiometerV3 remix for #4 screws, for newer HiTec Rectangular Potentiometer by gestalt73 Nov 8, 2014
Remix to Allow Full 180 Degree Wrist Rotation by gestalt73 Nov 7, 2014
LowArmSideV1 for Square Potentiometer by gestalt73 Nov 7, 2014
180+ degree rotational wrist mod for Anar's Solid CAD InMoov Forearm by gestalt73 Oct 25, 2014
Remix of Anar's awesome InMoov forearm parts. by gestalt73 Oct 6, 2014