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DIY Air Freshener lid for 8oz Ball quilted crystal jelly jars by tmorris9 5 days ago
GU pud lid. A lid for those forgotten empty glass pots. by FORGE3D 5 days ago
Firefly Jar by neilmac Jul 22, 2015

Challenge Winner

Nutella Jar Lamp by philospace Jul 4, 2015
Sprout Jar holder by RobyGrosso Jul 1, 2015
Jurassic world key chain by iforgotit_ Jun 20, 2015
Bolt Container by Cadcat Jun 10, 2015
#JARGATE Mason Jar Handle by roijeric May 20, 2015
Holy Ruler Jar by mrhemba May 15, 2015
Big salt, or pepper jar shaker. by Segeer May 12, 2015
Paint Brush Strainer Wide Mouth Jar Lid by NonsenseNikki May 6, 2015
Mason Jar Lid to make a piggy bank by kriskitchen May 3, 2015