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USB Cable Organizer Rack Sorter by renejsanchez 3 days ago
Test Tube ant Farm v2 by PoissonnierK 3 days ago
Test tube ant-farm V1 by PoissonnierK 3 days ago
Dice/cube Clock. Laser cut and engraved clock on a dice-cube. by TexasLaser 6 days ago
Pixel Palm Die - Francesco's Design. by Machinesroom Jul 22, 2014
2015 Cube Calendar. Laser engraved and cut calendar on a cube. Wood. by TexasLaser Jul 21, 2014
yet another set of plywood laser cut glasses by ARTCAD Jul 21, 2014
Laser Engraved Calendar. Laser burned and cut 2015 circle calendar on wood. by TexasLaser Jul 20, 2014
Doll chair by rius Jul 18, 2014
Stag beetle by rius Jul 18, 2014
Thickness Gauge Template by Grienauer Jul 18, 2014
Living Hinge Boxes (Two boxes) by Machinesroom Jul 17, 2014