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Dice Clock. Laser cut and engraved clock on a dice cube. by TexasLaser 1 day ago
Pixel Palm Die - Francesco's Design. by Machinesroom 2 days ago
2015 Cube Calendar. Laser engraved and cut calendar on a cube. Wood. by TexasLaser 3 days ago
yet another set of plywood laser cut glasses by ARTCAD 3 days ago
Laser Engraved Calendar. Laser burned and cut 2015 circle calendar on wood. by TexasLaser 4 days ago
Doll chair by rius 6 days ago
Stag beetle by rius 6 days ago
Thickness Gauge Template by Grienauer 6 days ago
Living Hinge Boxes (Two boxes) by Machinesroom Jul 17, 2014
Living Hinge Bracelet by Machinesroom Jul 17, 2014
Laser engraver 190x190mm Full - 2 axis - Parts in STL by garzon3 Jul 15, 2014
Glasses case : remixed ! by Iron_Momo Jul 13, 2014