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Customizable bumper foot with mounting hole by tomasf 21 hrs ago
Roundline demo - All OPENSCAD by Torleif 1 day ago
Philips LivingColours/Hue remote (gen3) bed holder by TheCapitalDesign 1 day ago
Parametric Flashlight Diffuser by ex-nerd 1 day ago
Ekobots - Bladeless Personal Fan by jsirgado 2 days ago
Filament guide by blaznyoght 2 days ago
Cable Clip by arthurzaczek 2 days ago
Hex maze generator by JustinSDK 3 days ago
Customizable ESC saver/mount by yelipso 3 days ago
MK2 filament holder & guide by thsturgill 4 days ago
Squarden by thilab 4 days ago
Pump Enclosure by grafis 4 days ago