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Guidler axel pin with cutout and holes by Gazzew 16 hrs ago
Xenium x1560 anti dust USB plug by mbasov 1 day ago
Prusa i3 foot with screw mounts by Gazzew 3 days ago
Rigid Wing Sailboat. by mwm 3 days ago
Parametric Drill Guide for Z-axis Pipes Mostly Printed CNC by GeoDave 3 days ago
BCD dump valve pull handle by siberx 3 days ago
Sidemount backplates (lumbar and dorsal) by siberx 4 days ago
Extrusion profile 15x30 by SanderSae 4 days ago
Mostly Printed CNC - Tool holder for Mastergrip Rotary Tool by GeoDave 4 days ago
Primitive OpenSCAD Font by gringer 4 days ago
Extrusion profile 15x15 smoothed and easy by SanderSae 4 days ago
The Hand Catapult (SCAD file included) by jpan 5 days ago