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Toyota SDK8 Seat Bar Bushings by JBFromOZ 2 hrs ago
Love's Dozen burr puzzle by ssd 10 hrs ago
Boo's Parameterised FSR Groove Effector for Delta Printers V2 by boofly 1 day ago
brick tower by daak93 2 days ago
Spiral Motor : Quest for perpetual motion or free energy by labidus 3 days ago
Hinged doorstopper by hyperair 4 days ago
Yin and yang, Jing & Jang by Kubicq 5 days ago
Creepy Halloween Spiders by thinkyhead 6 days ago
Split X-Ends for Prusa i3 - fully parametrized by enif 5 days ago
Customizable C-clip by sesosmasrefritos 6 days ago
86 Tooth GT2 pulley knob by jbeale Oct 23, 2014
Thomson Problem Cat Head and Toad by pmoews Oct 23, 2014