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Transom Drain Debris Screen by GA_3D 1 min ago
Configurable Button for clothes by frankjoke 2 hrs ago
Parametric combined bushing and bearing for Prusa i3 and similar (includes lm8uu, 5/16, and parametric) by ksa 20 hrs ago
Mold Generator - modified by rocketboy 1 day ago
PowerBook PSU connector fix by flummer 1 day ago
Customizable Triathlon Energy Bar Container by ohecker 2 days ago
Kiddies Night Light by TrevM 2 days ago
Ruggedized Gauntlet (parametric) by wsbrianw 5 days ago
Spiral Poem Bracelet Mark 2 by mrbenbritton 6 days ago
Air Escape Funnel (Parametric) by ricswika Aug 25, 2014
3DM1 - RepRap 3D Printer by makevoid Aug 25, 2014
Parametric Abstraction Chess Set by jpan Aug 24, 2014