Things tagged with 'parametric'

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Parametric iPhone 6 dock in OpenJsCad by PxT 1 day ago
Parametric Box with Sliding Lid by Aisjam 2 days ago
Parametric Pencil Holder / Portalapices Parametrico by Bioplastic3D 3 days ago
SImple Horizontal Sundial by gaziel 4 days ago
voronoi bull by bonooobong 4 days ago
Drill Clip-Organizer, parametric by WG73 5 days ago
Rounded plate with rotatable mount (parametric); Adjustable mount for print cooling systems by dacb 5 days ago
Fan duct with swivel mount and adjustable nozzle (parametric); MakerFarm i3v Print Cooler by dacb Sep 14, 2014
Star shaped button by semicolo Sep 14, 2014
Customizable Bezier Vase by anoved Sep 14, 2014
Nema 11 Planetary Gear Box, parametric, stackable by WG73 Sep 14, 2014
Parametric Flexible Wood Cut by danawoodman Sep 13, 2014