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HardyGraph - Dynamical generated and fully printed 3D-Printer by Hardy 18 hrs ago
Printi3 Hotend Mount by toxuin 2 days ago
Parametric Belt Biggear for Wades extruder by mblaster 2 hrs ago
Inductor Coil Formers by jaero 2 days ago
Box for Mega plus RAMPS boards by MirandaLam 3 days ago
Parametric Lego Tread Crawler by projunk 3 days ago
Improved Parametric Extrusion End Cap by billgertz 3 days ago
Minimalistic Mk7 replacement (Reinforced) by jun94 4 days ago
Parametric Radial Bearing by Antyos 4 days ago
Parametric Pipe Clip by DigitalDunc 4 days ago
Customizable Flexible Coupling by Neon22 Aug 28, 2015
Parametric Customizable Coffee Stencil by m0nochr0me Aug 28, 2015