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Customisable fridge magnet box by eirikso 7 hrs ago
Panel Retainer Clip Parametized by SvdSinner 3 days ago
Parametric linear bushing / bearing (LM8UU, LM8LUU, LM12UU, LM12LUU, LM16UU, ... ) by sasdensas 3 days ago
Parametric Vase by mimtira 6 days ago
Parametric Coin Sorter by Pentland_Designs 6 days ago
Gyroscope keychain/necklace with hearts by reifier Mar 21, 2017
Customizable Square Fan to Pipe Adapter by clintfisher Mar 21, 2017
Parametric Bracelet by quermann Mar 19, 2017
Customizable Compartmentalized Container by HarlemSquirrel Mar 19, 2017
Parametric Hinge by rohingosling Mar 19, 2017
Experimental Rooms (Magic Spheres) by kevinm12 Mar 16, 2017
Ladder by gringer Mar 14, 2017