Things tagged with 'parametric'

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Customizable pyramid text by makkuro 11 hrs ago
Simple ring module by burt777 12 hrs ago
Parametric syringe by carlesoriol 15 hrs ago
Customizable Spool for Polulu motor hub by Siti 23 hrs ago
Vase-O-Matic!!! by cschwarz 12 hrs ago
Parametric PowerPole Stackable Breakout Box by iz3gme 2 days ago
Chair Foot for Corner-joined Tube Chair by gringer 2 days ago
Twisted Lampshades by daak93 3 days ago
Customizable Archimedes' Spiral by jesse 4 days ago
Customizable Fermat spiral by jesse 6 days ago
Square Motor Support with Customizer by gaziel 6 days ago
Customizable Cuvette or Vial Rack v3 by seanmurphy 6 days ago