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Parametric Sockets by Fidofetch 12 hrs ago
Floral Edge remix of PiTFT case by dablackwood 18 hrs ago
Twisted Bead, Parametric by dablackwood 19 hrs ago
Basic Parametric Button by dablackwood 19 hrs ago
parametric robotwheel for graphscad & openscad by kolovitz 1 day ago
Parametric Hex Bits by Fidofetch 1 day ago
Fast ISO metric screw scad by plushvoxel 2 days ago
box node in Graphscad by kolovitz 4 days ago
8mm Pipette Stand by gringer 5 days ago
scad threading library by jcernato 5 days ago
Parametric grow media pot (IKEA VÄXER style) by global_v 6 days ago
A Slightly Postmodern Shelf by dablackwood 6 days ago