Things tagged with 'parametric'

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Filament spool roller by jstck 2 days ago
Settlers of Catan replacement pieces, parametric by jstck 2 days ago
Ball Head for camera tripod by cgapeart 6 days ago
White Board Marker support by Esmarra 6 days ago
Fractal cube by Oscar365 Apr 17, 2014
Simple Book Thumb Ring by anoved Apr 17, 2014
Second Degree Hand by orgemd Apr 16, 2014
Easter Egg Lamp by bmcage Apr 15, 2014
Elliptic tablet stand parametric by telepath Apr 12, 2014
Customizable Engraved Image Shade by anoved Apr 12, 2014
Graber i3 x/y axes belt holder parametric - v3 by valterfc Apr 11, 2014
Version 2 Ellipsoidal Threaded Rocket Nose Cone by MaximFilms Apr 10, 2014