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Hook for rotating car air conditioner vent holder mount support for Samsung cell phone by SerxioSierra 2 days ago
Golf-Clamp by brinkmann 3 days ago
phone cup holder by dav88 5 days ago
Galaxy S5 Nike Case by Adzen6 5 days ago
Beastgrip Remix MK2 (In Development) by sketchpunk Aug 28, 2015
Phone stand with wireless charging holder and sound amplifier by Barbari Aug 27, 2015
IPhone4 holder for flexible mini tripod by thecrash74 Aug 25, 2015
Samsung stand by cesc85 Aug 25, 2015
Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini Flex Phone Cover Case by jtronics Aug 24, 2015
SmartStarFind: Smarthphone holder for 114/900 telescope. by mozono Aug 23, 2015
Xperia Z3 Stormtrooper case remix by TehStranger Aug 23, 2015
Snom 300 Handset Retaining Clip by AndyBC Aug 20, 2015