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3D House Printer - Concrete Castle by MishaT 3 days ago
1kg/2.2lbs 1.75mm 3d Printer FIlament Roll Holder for Afinia or Up Printers by jonbot 5 days ago
Prusa i3 E3D bowden mount with auto level and fan by Donovandu88 Oct 20, 2014
Stand For Watches by t_man Oct 20, 2014
Verizon LG G2 Case by DevinWilcox Oct 9, 2014
2D printer or copy machine by Hendriknusselder Oct 9, 2014
Table Trash Bag Clips V2 by Eckerput Oct 5, 2014
Test Cube by mmaclatchie Oct 3, 2014
iPhone 5c Case by DevinWilcox Oct 1, 2014
One-print Customisable Filament Holder by chrisgem Sep 29, 2014
Filament holder kit for UP PLUS 3D Printer by 3dxl Sep 23, 2014
DIY all aluminum 3D Printer by lavith Sep 19, 2014