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Filament end holder by jjpowelly 1 day ago
Tool Shelf by jjpowelly 1 day ago
My Printer Enclosure / Maker Space with all print files by jjpowelly 1 day ago
3x3x3 Fully Functional Cube by jjpowelly 1 day ago
MiraCube V2.0 LC 4mm by f3rdys 1 day ago
Spool Holder - Side Mounted by H_Alex 3 days ago
PG01 by ikosen Mar 22, 2015
Delta bottom vertex for 6020 extrusion by paboman Mar 19, 2015
X3D XS COREXY Printer by Unix Mar 19, 2015
Invincible Tricking Logo (Keychain) by PeriniM Mar 15, 2015
Dual Head by CLMNTDSGNR Mar 11, 2015
3D-Printer Project, by Ec-Projects // In Progress by EcTechTime Mar 10, 2015