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Modular Paper and 3D Printed lamp - Untitled by phathousecat 2 hrs ago
Hi-flo directional cooling duct. duplicator 4s ((might work with other open face printers)) by delukart 5 days ago
Ball Bearing Universal Spool Holder for Up Mini! by tdanro 6 days ago
Universal Nema 17 Extruder X-carriage mount Prusa i3 by Gfunk Apr 19, 2015
MEN009 UM Printer by men009 Apr 19, 2015
Customizable filament/wire spool or wheel creator by Motley74 Apr 19, 2015
Keychain İ love 3D by cnslk Apr 16, 2015
Polar 3d food printer by verigicL Apr 14, 2015
Delta printer twin head effector plate by daveb500 Apr 13, 2015
fabrap 1.2 by fabrice974 Apr 11, 2015
HP LaserJet Roller Clip by Lana_chan Apr 9, 2015
M3D Micro Mockup by Shane_A Apr 7, 2015