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Version 2 of Fanduct for 40mm fan, made for Geeetech Prusa i3 Pro B, 3D touch compliant by andreas_58 7 hrs ago
Linear bearing pin punch by GaryK47 14 hrs ago
Fan duct for Zonestar (dual extrusion) by Mariesange 23 hrs ago
Prusa I3 spool holder by Spidematt 1 day ago
Prusa I3 Geeetech Pro B fan duct for hotend by dhammon1 1 day ago
Extended Y Carriage Plate for Prusa i3 with Variable Y-Rod Distance 140mm to 170mm by reprapchampion 2 days ago
Upgrade Prusa i3 (Rework) to MK2 by fotogravinci 2 days ago
Anet A8 (Jan.2017) NO SCREWS NEEDED - Prusa i3 MK8 EXTRUDER LED LIGHT by PrintPiet 2 days ago
Hotend Mount V1, Prusa P3 steel by Neobonde 2 days ago
MK8 Extruder mounting plate by ChokePrints 2 days ago
Clamping bracket for sideway mounting of stepper motors by enif 2 days ago
CHAINZ test your 3d printer! by thewerefox 2 days ago