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Laser cuttable frame dxf's (Acrylic or MDF) for Aldric Negrier's 400x400x400 mm build envelope Mega Prusa i3 rework. by stormychel 2 days ago
Robo3D RepRap display with capacitive touch by Mark_Valentijn 4 days ago
Nylon Nut Handle (M8) by kikuon Apr 20, 2015
Rep Rap Smart Controller Maker Farm Add On by 3Design-Prototype Apr 20, 2015
RasPi Cam Holder for Rebel II Printer by kicune Apr 16, 2015
Prusa i3 Wade adapter w/ mount for inductive sensor by pyraohms Apr 16, 2015
adjustable Z end stop for folger prusa i3 by dfrogy Apr 15, 2015
Ordbot Hadron Optical Endstop Mounts and Flags by Pierrimus Apr 11, 2015
LCD display mount for reprap discount full lcd display by hawkan Apr 11, 2015
Stylish screen lcd button for rep rap by Raylione Apr 10, 2015
40mm fan mount by Sailor96 Apr 10, 2015
Magnetic probe for kossel mini (k800) by Daniel_Nilsson Apr 9, 2015