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Kiddies Night Light by TrevM 7 hrs ago
Prusa i3 improved Y corner by 3DSXM 12 hrs ago
RepRapDiscount Graphic Smart Controller angled case for Rigidbot by willfly 5 days ago
Direct drive extruder by tom4cad 5 days ago
3DM1 - RepRap 3D Printer by makevoid 6 days ago
Fan Nozzle 50x50 for Prusa Mendel by VladimirR 6 days ago
The Y-axis component of PRN3D by arrowmeiwaracing Aug 24, 2014
Spool Holder using a gutted hard drive by pwave Aug 21, 2014
µDelta : a tiny Delta printer 1.75mm by eMotion-Tech Aug 21, 2014
Cable Chain Reprap i3 Box Frame by pwave Aug 20, 2014
Belt tensioner Reprap mendel by giapieru Aug 20, 2014
Filament Guide fo a Prusa i3 acrylic frame by Cyrrus Aug 19, 2014