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Reworking part of my I3 Pro X by 3DVRBill 2 days ago
Palm Delta 3D Printer by ugn100 3 days ago
Vertical X axis for Mendel Max 1.5 Lulzbot style with anti-wobbling by production 4 days ago
almost fully printable 3d printer WIP by wensz 5 days ago
OptoSwitch by ggloose 5 days ago
More Minimalistic opto endstop holder by ggloose 5 days ago
3D Printer MKS Base Controller Mount adapter to MKS Gen Mount by henryarnold 6 days ago
Hanging enclosure for MKS RAMPS 1.4 for Cyclone PCB factory by wahidtanner 6 days ago
Quick Change Spool Hub Alunar A8 by SavageWarlord 6 days ago
Generic Excavator (esc: 1:100) by luifer_9d9 Jun 18, 2016
Prusa i3 Y end idler with tensioner (608 bearing) by aristos_v Jun 17, 2016
Prusa i3 "exoskeleton" by aristos_v Jun 17, 2016