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Center for the holder of the coil of plastic. by URkA 6 hrs ago
CubeX to RepRap Conversion Azteeg X3 by dvseliteus 3 days ago
RepRap Safety Electronics Mount by jweob Jul 21, 2016
E3D V6 Adapter and DC42 Differential IR sensor mount by PDBeal Jul 18, 2016
XY Bearings Offset remix for longer travel by PDBeal Jul 18, 2016
ReRapDiscount Snappy mount by hrw Jul 18, 2016
Homemade 3d Printer - XZ Connector Part1 by lermanrafi Jul 15, 2016
Adjustable tension carriage (Max Micron and other Prusa i3) by Thomllama Jul 15, 2016
Prusa i3 Y idler by jbascones Jul 15, 2016
Duet Controller Housing for Paneldue, Duex4 and 4.3" LCD, or 7" Touchscreen Display For Rostock by CodonExe Jul 14, 2016
Y belt clamb Foldarap 3d prnter by jfrutoses Jul 12, 2016
CloverMINT (Reprap Clover reboot) by xAuSolarisx Jul 8, 2016