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Tools holder for Prusa i3 by Boeing787 17 hrs ago
a bunch of Knobs for Rumba Case with Full Graphic Smart Controller by e-nozzel 1 day ago
WOLFY1.1 开源3D打印机 by Almustafa 2 days ago
TB6560 3A stepper drive bracket by villamany 3 days ago
Easy Fit Extended Nozzle Mount for Ormerod 3D Printer by KimBrown 4 days ago
Resized stop button part - accurate fit for lasercut LCD Discount RepRap Prusa i3 screen case-holder by darude 4 days ago
Bowden extruder hotend mount by WiZE_3D 5 days ago
Prusa I3 Hephestos improved Z axis brackets by Boeing787 6 days ago
Split X-Ends for Prusa i3 - fully parametrized by enif Oct 25, 2014
Prusa i3 Bearing Holder Modification by czmorris Oct 24, 2014
Prusa i3 Bowden Extruder Frame Mount (for wade extruder) by WiZE_3D Oct 23, 2014
LCD Mount - 13 Grams! RepRap Discount Smart Controller Prusa/Mendel + Others by felixfried78 Oct 22, 2014