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Foldie 3D Qubic by 3DPVDB 8 hrs ago
Frame fixation for Prusa i3 by maffie 14 hrs ago
8mm Brackets – DIN and Umbilical cord by NinjaNeil 21 hrs ago
prusa i3 adjustable z height for sainsmart endstop switches by neorazz 23 hrs ago
Alligator Board Mr. Ally by MarcoAntonini 1 day ago
Filament guide for Mendel90 with dibond(3mm thick) frame. by kodde 2 days ago
RepRap Ormerod 2 Filament guide by scullhead 2 days ago
case-rap spool holder by jlguil 3 days ago
I3 Herring Bone Gears ( Honeycombed ) by Sailor96 3 days ago
Upside down spool holder by jellevdwerff 3 days ago
Spool Holder Prusa Mendel i2 Remix of dolpin's design by cptcupcake 5 days ago
Key Chain by 3Design-Prototype Feb 22, 2015