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3folD Foldable RepRap Printer by Print3dProjects 21 hrs ago
12 Color Vase - Color Mixing by jjpowelly 22 hrs ago
New Display Frame for my Case-System (Ramps/Rumba) by e-nozzel 2 days ago
Improved Wind guide for turbine by eried 4 days ago
E3D v6 mount and fan duct for Ormerod 2 by CarstenA 4 days ago
50x50x1 mm calibration cube by igel 4 days ago
GEEETech i3 Filament Spool Holder by ali55 5 days ago
RepRap Ormerod 2 quick-set dual-nozzle dc42 sensor board PLA/ABS switchable heat sink enclosure and nozzle-cooling ducts by plymdiver Feb 4, 2016
Extruder Idler - Extended Guidance System! by danijets Feb 3, 2016
Fusebox 2020 Rework by AxMod Feb 3, 2016
Ramps Case with Full Graphic Smart Controller and 60mm Fan by e-nozzel Feb 2, 2016
Reprap Fisher XT Upgrade by dadiy Feb 1, 2016