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Lego Mindstorms compatible brick for robot frame - fixed holes profile by ericsko 8 hrs ago
FRC Printable Fuel by Zink_ 1 day ago
EvoArm by AliShug 3 days ago
6DOF v2 by EraseGrey 3 days ago
Servo Linear Actuator (95-137mm) v1 by EraseGrey 3 days ago
Air Hockey Robot EVO (SMARTPHONE CONTROLLED - OPEN SOURCE ROBOT) by jjrobots 5 days ago
Motor Mounts for YoYo Motors by drmcland 6 days ago
144:1 Cycloidal GearBox for_NEMA17_stepper_motor by ctsuu Jan 11, 2017
Drivetrain Kit by anderikk Jan 10, 2017
Rack and Pinion by ezcorer Jan 8, 2017
Gamepad case for Radio Shack's Make: it Robotics Infrared Controller by joseamirandavelez Jan 8, 2017
Robot With Moving Joints! by HR1313 Jan 7, 2017