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Rover Logo by Pyramid007 Mar 14, 2015
Universal Micro Robot Chassis (dirt-cheap) by kauz Feb 18, 2015
Explorer rover robot with Raspberry Pi, servos and webcam, controlled by the internet. by jorgecrce Feb 1, 2015
Parametric Lego Mindstorms Curiosity Rover Wheel by projunk Jan 6, 2015
Remix of Mars Curiosity Rover by Curriculum by bdipaolo Dec 24, 2014
Spider Rover by johann517 Sep 19, 2014
Universal Onmiwheel for mobile robot by jonahl Sep 8, 2014
Raspirover by Itsu-hey Aug 25, 2014
PirulerBot - An Arduino Rover by malopezn Jul 17, 2014
Land rover keychain by mythbustingpyro Jun 29, 2014
Astronaut Action Figure Play Set for Alien invasion of Mars by Solstie Jun 12, 2014
Multifunctional Martian Modules by SzymonBS Jun 7, 2014