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Zika Virus X-mas Ornament by pdavis8 1 day ago
bacteriophage cookie cutter by BoozyBrain 2 days ago
Medelis Battery (free energy) LED Flashlight by Medelis 3 days ago
Archimedes Screw Bonanza by MakerBotLearning 4 days ago

Educational Thing

Microfluidic channels by Anthromod 6 days ago
Núcleo y cromosomas // Nucleus and chromosomes by BioinformaticoMaligno Sep 22, 2016
50s USSR Rocket Ship by Medelis Sep 17, 2016
Open Source Food Pellet Dispenser by jackpkenn Sep 15, 2016
Monoculight: Maker Faire Edition by artdavis Sep 13, 2016
Truncated Octahedron, Wigner–Seitz cell, Brilluoin by fancyinnovator Sep 12, 2016
Simple Levers by gabesw Sep 10, 2016
Aperture Coaster by RadioNuclei95 Sep 6, 2016