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solder tin holder by bojanssens 5 days ago
Maplin Clock Kit Case by georgeh1ll 5 days ago
My Version of Stylish (?) and a little bit Startrekesque soldering iron holder by DanBuro 6 days ago
LED curtain jig by MuuSer Jul 25, 2015
Small Downdraft Table for Soldering by LKM Jul 23, 2015
GO-GO AirBoat by macakcat Jul 15, 2015

Challenge Winner

PCB Hand Vice by DaveGun Jun 21, 2015
Easy PCB Vice by MechEngineerMike Jun 15, 2015
CableTube by Randalf Jun 14, 2015
Base for 3rd Hand soldering stand by timpworx May 27, 2015
Hakko h936 Soldering station tip and flux holder by Fwah May 20, 2015
Solder tip cleaner by diehart May 19, 2015