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Snake Bishop by wontonotnow 14 hrs ago
Amazon Person by danielfranklin 2 days ago
Festive Votive Candleholder by neobobkrause 6 days ago
Captain Marvel inspired ring by DrBigLove Nov 12, 2014
"Simple" Multi-material Ornament using TinkerCAD by AL3xD Nov 11, 2014
Rascal The Dog by neobobkrause Oct 29, 2014
How to prepare your things for later reimport with Tinkercad (pieces, single parts or groups of parts) by makibox850 Oct 22, 2014
Mini - Ball Hoop by Supercockroach Oct 11, 2014
Jetpack Bunny Pen Holder by MakerBotLearning Oct 10, 2014
Desk Caddy Charging Dock for iPhone6 by Far_West Oct 7, 2014
MakerBot Robot by Itbar Oct 1, 2014
Android Droid Robot by Starlaser Sep 27, 2014