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Optimized friendly mousetrap by spooner2011 2 days ago
Nerf Elite Trip Mine Booby Trap by Propter_Hoc Feb 12, 2017
Admiral Ackbar - Star Wars printable figure by StarWarsCreator Jan 21, 2017
"Traposquitoes Part" Used 12 volt Computer fan inline motor mount for 4 inch PVC pipe. This was designed and tested by @traposquitoes a group of 8th grade students in PS 28 for the world's first compost and solar powered mosquito trap system. by naatus Jan 9, 2017
Stokke Tripp Trapp Foot by MilanGajic Nov 27, 2016
booby trap trip wire attachment by matthewsducks Nov 26, 2016
Desk Trap by A_Yan_who_is_able Nov 16, 2016
Fruit Fly Trap with Oscillating Exterminating Orb by ottaross Nov 9, 2016
Ugga - Airsoft Micro Mine by Snorri Nov 3, 2016
The Better Mouse Trap (for a 3D Printer!) by CorrugatorSupercilii Sep 18, 2016
Teemo Shroom Coaster - League of Legends by Chynovsky Sep 17, 2016
Airsoft Micro Claymore by Snorri Sep 1, 2016