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Wall-mountable Cat Toy Holder by skyrien 3 days ago
3DS Cartridge Holder by BACbagac Nov 18, 2014
Flexible Plastic Bag Handle with "coins" by Palmiga Nov 17, 2014
striped cup from EcubMaker by drlli Nov 13, 2014
Prusa I3 Rework X-Idler Drop In Replacement Tensioner upgrade with Solidworks 2014 Source by DarkAlchemist Nov 11, 2014
Clamping Jug Lid by jrbehnke039 Nov 8, 2014
Customizable phone holder for dodocase / google cardboard by zeno4ever Nov 8, 2014
Filament holder for Prusa i3 (7mm) by Poly4U Nov 7, 2014
Peg Bar types 3D models by jpmayrink Nov 1, 2014
Sheep Salt/Pepper Shaker by Gnietschow Oct 31, 2014
Prusa I3 Rework Drop In Replacement/Upgrade Herringbone Gear Set with Solidworks 2014 source by DarkAlchemist Oct 29, 2014
Robin Williams' Profile Bookend with Solidworks 2014 source by DarkAlchemist Oct 28, 2014