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3D print ready chain by frostyhobo47 1 day ago
Customizable Filament Storage (IKEA SAMLA) by wstein 2 days ago
OpenSCAD ISO metric thread library / functions (updated) Tweaked for Ultimaker 2 and Cura by JustKrys 2 days ago
Paper clip coat hook by willkear 3 days ago
Pencil Box by Imperial_Admiral 3 days ago
Prusa I3 Rework X-Motor Drop In Replacement upgrade with Solidworks 2014 Source by DarkAlchemist 4 days ago
parametric tool rack for keyhole shelving by sodnpoo 6 days ago
Customizable Spool Hub Adapter by wstein Mar 22, 2015
stick connector for Gardena by tonks2907 Mar 20, 2015
Minimalist Hex Key Grip (Allen/Inbus) by wstein Mar 21, 2015
Most Useful Spoon Rest Created by JSimcox Mar 14, 2015
Humane Mouse Trap by TorchRed77Vette Mar 12, 2015