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Heart U by montyking 4 days ago
Desktop Valentine Working Gears by EHM Aug 14, 2014
Frame for Valentine Pin/Pendant by EHM Aug 8, 2014
Heart for your Angel by andysus Aug 1, 2014
Snap-Together Valentine Gears Pin and Pendant by EHM Jul 29, 2014
Heart Keychain by o0aaron0o Jun 11, 2014
Voronoi Chambered Heart (with small, medium, and large versions!) by Supercockroach Apr 26, 2014
Keyed mini Fantastical heart gears by joefe Apr 12, 2014
Valentine Heart by oliviamattea Mar 31, 2014
LED Wine Bottle Lamp by ICEPICKTONY Mar 8, 2014
Geared "Old School" Heart, Hand Crank Edition by thiagopeixoto16 Mar 1, 2014
Syxx Heart Design by KrytenSyxx Feb 28, 2014