Mobile Raspberry Computer Case - Portable Raspberry Pi-to-Go

by partspeople, published

Mobile Raspberry Computer Case - Portable Raspberry Pi-to-Go by partspeople Dec 22, 2012


Everyone has seen Raspberry Pi Computer, the credit card sized mini PC circuit board that cost only $35. Now there is a new Mobile Raspberry Pi called Pi-to-Go. Mini LCD, 10 hour battery, and 64GB SSD hard drive. You can 3D print your own case and build your own. Complete instruction on how to build this Pi-to-go computer can be found here: http://blog.parts-people.com/2012/12/20/mobile-raspberry-pi-computer-build-your-own-portable-rpi-to-go/ Video of it in action https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E89s2h9swIc

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Can you make a version for the Raspberry Pi B+?
for some reason when i try to print the back door my xyzware software doesnt put any middle fill in. it will print the outside but when it get s to the middle were the symbol is its like nothing is there. is there a way you could post a solid back piece also.

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Building this Raspberry Pi-to-go is not for everyone. Wiring all the electronics together does require some basic soldering and knowledge of basic wiring. Lets get started. Step 1: Print all pieces.
Step 2: Snap screen portion to the base portion. Step 3: Snap on right side cover Step 4: Wire all electronics by following the instructions found here: http://blog.parts-people.com/2012/12/20/mobile-raspberry-pi-computer-build-your-own-portable-rpi-to-go/ Step 5: Snap on left side cover Step 6: Screw on back cover with four 2mm x 6mm screws Step 7: Comment and ask questions for help.

Can you make a version for the Raspberry Pi B+?

<p>for some reason when i try to print the back door my xyzware software doesnt put any middle fill in. it will print the outside but when it get s to the middle were the symbol is its like nothing is there. is there a way you could post a solid back piece also.</p>

<p>im in the process of building one, one issue does it matter what Wi-Fi dongle I use. I mean the higher the mbps the faster the connection speed, I mean is there a better brand. by the way I just go the mini keyboard in the mail this thing is awesome.</p>

<p>Me again I can't open or find the web page can you put it up again as a PDF maybe thanks</p>

<p>Love it now I really want one great idea once again love it I will tell my friends good job thanks and I might make it out of wood just need a template love it can't wait to make one or get one :D</p>

<p>Is there a cheaper alternative to the samsung hard drive. Or maybe an alternative to the battery charger. I want to build it but it seems a bit pricey.</p>

<p>What's the trick in printing the mobile-pi-screen.stl file? I am using the makerbot2 3D printer and this part is giving me fits. Any chance I can buy this piece from you? The other pieces came out fine.</p>

<p>How did you connect the USB Hub to the 64GB SSD?</p>

<p>what battery did you use could you power it off anything other than a laptop battery pack?? awesome project</p>

<p>How do you download the file?<br>cant find it</p>

<p>Hi,<br>Please could you send me the settings you used for the up printer? <br>Thanks</p>

<p>how do you get the case?</p>

<p>He 3d printed it</p>

<p>Any chance of updating this to the "b" version 2?</p>

<p>Yes, it is compatible with both versions 1st and 2nd gen. 2nd generation does not require a feed back line to be soldered from the USB power to the input.</p>

<p>Does the pi-to-go fold up or is it stuck in the open position?</p>

<p>I do not have a 3d printer, but am interested in this. How much would it cost to have all the parts printed?</p>

<p>I agree how much would it cost for the part other wise great and one more thing you could make and then sell them on eBay good work</p>

<p>Is there anybody who printed this out on a Lulzbot AO-101? I bought this machine mainly so I could build a pi to go and I can't even print it out! I have tried everything I know of, including repG and still no dice. Any help at all would be GREATLY appreciated.</p>

<p>Can you tell me what problems you are having. I created the files in google sketchup and netfabb. I printed the files on my pp3dp UP! printer with no problems. I will try to resolved the problem for you if you can tell me in what part of the printing process you are having the problem.</p>

<p>OOOhh, I think I tried to call you at partspeople! But you were on vacation because you had a baby I think?! If so, congrats! Was that you I was trying to contact?!</p>

<p>Hey, sorry, I didn't see your post, I forgot I even posted, but thank you so much for answering. I am still having the problem. I printed all parts except for the back door. I am getting the error, (the model has overlapping or self-intersecting facets. I tried to repair it, however you might want to check the results or repair the input file and retry). I was having the same problem with the base, but then tried again the other day and it sliced fine. I have tried all different settings in slic3r and it still doesn't work. Any help will be so greatly appreciated. I have one more part, (the back door), and then I can build it!! Thanks again for responding.</p>

<p>My one complaint about this is the lack of GPIO access, which in my mind is the greatest advantage rPi has. Nevermind they put it in a strange spot I'd still like to use this for projects.</p>

<p>So awesome. Thanks for your work and for sharing!</p>

<p>Very cool with a great name to boot!</p>

<p>this is awesome!!!</p>

<p>Screen is pretty small though, could you use something like this?<br>http://www.amazon.com/Camera-Monitor-Support-Rotating-Screen/dp/B007SLDF7O/ref=pd_sim_e_3&lt;/p&gt;

<p>I saw that one when I was building it but it only has a resolution 480 x 234 pixels. I opted for a screen that was smaller with 640 x 480 pixels. I am currently looking for a 5-7 screen that is HDMI for my 2nd version of the Pi-to-go.</p>

<p>Have you seen http://www.chalk-elec.com/?page_id=1280#!/~/product/category=3094861&amp;id=14647630 ? A little less DIY but should do the trick. 7", 1024x600, touchscreen, connects to HDMI.</p>

<p>what about like a PSP screen or something like that, possibly a Nintendo DS</p>

<p>I am looking into using something like that too. Maybe a screen from a smart phone. I will just have to figure out how to connect the screen to display properly. It would not be a direct connect, and might be more hassle than it is worth.</p>