Photographic Sweep Stand

by HPaul, published

Photographic Sweep Stand by HPaul Jun 20, 2013


This was inspired by "Paper Clip to set up simple photo background" http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:95180 The curves of slepcat's design are a great idea, but I wanted to use heavier paper than the slots accommodated, and I wished the paper wouldn't come out of the slots so easily. I also wanted a sweep that could stand on its own with more stability.
Although not as elegant as the original, the stand in this design holds thin paper well and also allows for thicker sheets. The rear post helps support a higher background, and there is a plate behind the sweep that can be weighted for added stability.
Please see Instructions for assembly notes.

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Done – check the Thing Files for the single arm.

can you upload a file of just one of the arms?

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Print at 100% fill and print the pin twice at 100% fill also. Printing each pin independently yields cleaner prints. The platens attach to the stands as shown using the the pins which go through the holes in the stands and are a force fit into the receiving holes of the platens. A spot of super glue at the platen end of the pin will make it permanent. Although most people find this works, there have been a few who've had the pins print out too small; if so, use a 3/16" bolt.
To use, open the platen and feed the paper between the pivot and the stand. Holding the paper against the stand, close the platen and secure it under the hook on the stand.
The flat plates behind the curves are for weights which are needed for heavier paper. If you plan to use only one size of paper, gluing the stands to a stiff cardboard or foam-core board will make the setup easier and even more stable.

can you upload a file of just one of the arms?

Done – check the Thing Files for the single arm.

Thank you

Feb 14, 2015 - Modified Feb 14, 2015

my pin is .185-.187 but the other holes are .208 and base hole is .230.. wonder is its a makerware problem? i wish i wouldve read comments b4 making..

This comment has been deleted.

Just want to let you know that I really like your design. I use it all the time when photographing my things. Today I didn’t crop it out: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:595875 Thanks again!

lightning stand swosh i2

Thanks, that’s nice to hear. I never expected this item to be as popular as it is and I'm glad so many people find it useful.

works great for me! i had to hammer the pin in a little bit and it holds really well. Thanks for making this!

Useless, not working at all. Pins fall off, they do not fix anything anywhere. Clips are too far away.. All in all a pure waste of time.

Amazon has a patent on taking a photograph using a white background. I thought this model is kind of ironic since I just watch this movie a second ago. http://thecolbertreport.cc.com/videos/4a4ahs/amazon-s-audacious-photography-patenthttp://thecolbertreport.cc.com...

nice object ! have print in abs .. good result and fonctionnaly .. ! thks .!!

I found this print to have frustrating results, pin was too small and easily falls out, had to re-scale up to have snug fit with glue. Also the closing mechanism does not snugly secure paper, even with card stock its still a loose fit and during positioning they often come apart and paper falls out. Would have been nice to have these with a fine tolerance.

Neat idea though.

I agree. This object is not efficient. Same problems as 85miles. Need to be reworked.

Regarding the PIN:
Perhaps you could use filament as the pin. Pins can easily be created by snipping a piece of filament.. roll it on your hot bed until its nice and straight & then up end it, heat it up & push down on the end to create the rivet head. ( got this method from Maker magazine )

HPaul, May I have left side Paper_Sweep_Stand file ? Thanks.

What am I doing wrong? The pins print out too thin, they are not force fit, so the platens fall off of the stands. If I put glue on it, I wouldn't be able to open the stand to fit paper in.

This is the first I've heard of this as a problem. Have you changed the scale in your slicing application? You can also use bolts to hold the pieces together; use a second nut as a locknut to adjust the tension..

I didn't change the scale originally, I am using Makerware. I ended up scaling the pins up a little bit and used a dremel to make adjustments. It works excellent. Thanks for making this.

The back side of the arch is not manifold, not that it really affects the final output. My printer prints that back arc as a separate piece from the main piece if that makes any sense. They are so close that the plastic actually adheres though.

Yes, I saw that too. I'm not sure why the .stl prints out that way, since MeshLab shows all faces as manifold. As you say, it doesn't affect the final output so I didn't try to change the file.

HPaul - in reply to HPaul

Okay, I revisited the CAD file and cleared up the problem. The new file has been uploaded.