TARDIS Lollipop Mold

by Bioluminescence, published

TARDIS Lollipop Mold by Bioluminescence Aug 20, 2011

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Using food-safe silicone sealant, a lot of patience, and a good lollipop recipe, you too can have TARDIS shaped lollipops to keep the kids (both big and small) quiet when the new Doctor Who episodes start up again.

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FYI- Latex gloves can stop the silicone from setting. You should never have it in the room with the silicone. You'll find that it will set much quicker.

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You will require - --Very strong glue (hot glue is only barely good enough) --Food safe silicone sealant (such as Dap 08641, about $7 a tube) --Patience --Rubber/latex gloves --... --Sugar --Corn Syrup --Cream of Tartar

To Make a Mold

  1. Print one each of Part1 and Part2.
  2. Glue these together with the bottom of the TARDIS-shaped positive flush up against the lollipop-stick-indentation inside the box. This glue must be STRONG!
  3. Wearing the gloves, smear food-safe silicone sealant inside the box and over the TARDIS positive. Get it in to all the corners as best you can. 3a. Try to make this first layer thin - it will help with the silicone curing. Many thin layers are better than one mega-thick layer here!
  4. Wait, and let it cure. It will stink of vinegar. Wait a couple of days.
  5. Repeat parts 3 and 4 until you've built up the box to the top with sealant.
  6. Once it's fully cured, carefully peel your mold out of the box. If you used hot glue, you'll probably peel the positive out of the box, like I did!
  7. Let it cure for a while yet, and give it a rinse in water. It will still stink of vinegar.

Admire your new TARDIS lollipop mold! The detail is pretty incredible - you'll be able to make out the individual printing lines, but in the final lollipop, it will smooth out quickly.

To Make a Lollipop

  1. Rinse your mold and carefully dry it.
  2. Follow this recipe: http://www.exploratorium.edu/cooking/candy/recipe-lollipops.html 2a. Beware your sugar continuing to heat up after 300 degrees. Take it off the heat and perhaps even pour it into a pyrex jug. Burnt sugar isn't nice.
  3. When cooled, peel off the silicone mold. Note - you do not need to oil the silicone mold, it peels off beautifully without, and no-one likes oily lollipops.

Other Custom Lollipops Of course, the two part mold means you could create a non-TARDIS positive for your lollipop mold shape - anything of that approximate depth, with enough bottom area to attach to the stick is fair game.

Nyan Cat? Stephen Colbert head? Yoda?

If you can print it, you can suck it! ;)

FYI- Latex gloves can stop the silicone from setting. You should never have it in the room with the silicone. You'll find that it will set much quicker.
Nice piece of Time Lord technology ! 8-)
Nice Positive mold print. For the silicone you can use amazingmoldputty.com/ instead and it cures under 30 minutes. I use this stuff for small molds and it's only $20 which is for 2/3 pounds. Ya just can't beat it. You can bake with it or even pour molted tin in it and it's food safe.

I hope more people make more positive molds to print out. There's nothing like printing out the mold and making the parts in what ever you can think of.

Why isn't the tardis already a part of the form?
I print the TARDIS vertical (i.e. standing upright) because I find I get better detail on the sides of objects, and wonky problems on the tops of printed objects.

However, the box, I print horizontally (i.e. open on the top) so I don't need support structure for the top edge of the box. Also, even if I didn't need support structure for the top of the box (if I angled it, say) I'd need support structure for the base of the TARDIS, where it connects to the l
ollipop stick - there's quite an overhang there.

Hope that helps explain my madness! :)
So you're saying if you print it otherwise...It gets wibbly-wobbly over timey-wimey?
*tip o the hat* Well done, woofpickle, well done :D
Awesome!!! I was really hoping someone would upload something Doctor Who themed before the premier!!!
Hope I've not left it too late for people to make in time! Better get buying and curing that silicone sealant quicksmart! ;)

(Also, with only a slight adjustment to the 3d printed positive, we could make some fantastic ice-lollies or icecubes with the same process. Maybe you could do a Dalek one :))