Nested Birdhouse

by Gyrobot, published

Nested Birdhouse by Gyrobot Jul 11, 2013

Challenge Winner


Prints fully assembled in "flat packed" mode (what..the..?) See : youtu.be/bl2VTvjv_UA
and instagram.com/p/cK80C-ha0d/# (thanks to nickythegreek)

Contains a perch, rain roof, ventilation, drainage, integrated hinges and is cleanable.

The hole is high enough so the chicks cannot fall out, yet they can climb up the sloped walls when ready to fly the nest.


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No, they don't have anything exclusive, yet!!
Ah ok then I don't have to register there to get this model :)
Well done for the spot, it is the same design, I was testing their submission process so I chose this model as my first upload.

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Print without support, it's all in the geometry.

It prints fully assembled in "flat packed" mode, just open and screw to tree/board.

I have included a PARTITION.stl so you can print two birdhouses off, and attach them back to back, to make a hanging condo.

A really small footprint for a large birdhouse. If you want to push the boundaries of unattended print time then I have included an stl where 3 of these are nested (sorry) together. The total build cube required for a nest of 3 is only = 176mm x 176mm x 107mm.

##My Print Settings :
- layer_height = 0.2
- perimeters = 2
- top_solid_layers = 2
- bottom_solid_layers = 2
- fill_density = 0.25
- nozzle_diameter = 0.35
- filament_diameter = 1.75
the version on myminifactory is that a updated design or the same model like here ?
Gyrobot - in reply to Lemm
Well done for the spot, it is the same design, I was testing their submission process so I chose this model as my first upload.
Lemm - in reply to Gyrobot
Ah ok then I don't have to register there to get this model :)
Gyrobot - in reply to Lemm
No, they don't have anything exclusive, yet!!
Brilliant! Agree that this should have taken 1st, from both a design and manufacturing standpoint..
Fantastic 'simple' design. Thanks.
this should have been the winner :)
i find the remade craftmanshouse quite boring..
Thank, you, have you printed one off, if so I would love to see it? I think that's when it's inventiveness strikes home, after you see it unfold before your eyes.
sadly dont have use or place for a birdhouse..
but i printed one of your nested pieces.. i use it as a shoulder protection armor piece...
for a cosplay costume.
i share the pic as i painted it
Haha, a birdhouse for cosplay, excellent, I bet you couldn't do that with the 1st or 2nd place winners? Would you want a version without a birdhole? If you do, email me and I'll send you the stl, or is it worth a derivative for armour?
that would be nice! i mail you..
Congrats Gyrobot!!!
This can be the winner !
Nice idea and work.
Thank you very much.
Love the render of it on a build platform. Doesn't do much to convince me this is printable. Might be, looks good, but not sure.
This prints flawlessly. Unbelievable almost. Check out the pix from me, MAKERFAM in the right column. As far as hobbyist 3D printing goes, this is a seminal design and execution.
flawlessly indeed. great design and implementation. I printed this using my rep2x at .2mm. When I woke up (9 hour print) I took it off the bed, removed the raft and just opened it up!
Hi, thank you for your comment, watch this space, it's nearly finished printing at this moment with no problems so far. I wanted to upload before anyone else beat me too this type of concept. However, everybody's printer is different so there are no guarantees.
So Cool. You got my vote for best birdhouse for sure!
You were robbed. This is by far the best.
Cheers, have you finished playing with it yet, do the birds even get a look in? ;-)

Exclusive - Watch the next couple of days for another advancement of this nested small footprint technique, you might just let loose a little bit of wee.
Hi, many thanks for your support.