HingeBox Printable As An Assembled Unit Without Supports

by profhankd, published

HingeBox Printable As An Assembled Unit Without Supports by profhankd Jul 19, 2013

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Here's a printed-assembled hinged box.

It is really a test/demo of a new hinge library I've been building using an improved "unit hinge" similar to my thing 83033. I'll be releasing the OpenSCAD/Customizer library to make hinges shortly, but since there has been a lot of activity on thing 83033 lately, I figured I should let folks know what's coming....

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Any word on the scad file? I have some interesting applications for this and would love to run with it. Great design.

Oh, so that's what you meant.... The only benefit I've seen from that is slightly-less-bad prints on an uneven bed. I've been printing a lot of camera parts, and the imprecision introduced by a significantly fatter first-layer diameter with Slic3r was not ok. I adjust the bed and run the first layer at (roughly) the same diameter extrusion, and usually get watertight first layers.

I'll think about providing for compensation in the model. My intuition is that Slic3r is really at fault for not compensating correctly when you tell it to extrude a thicker first layer.... Incidentally, I've recently switched from Slic3r to Cura -- it seems to do a much better job, and it's orders of magnitude faster.

Our prints detach from the bed just fine; that's not the issue. Most people print their first layer with a higher extrusion width, to improve adhesion and make a solid base for the print. Slic3r, for example, defaults to making the first layer twice as wide as the layer height, with the higher layers narrower. Because of that, the gaps between the hinges were closed up on the first layer when we printed them. I was suggesting that your library could allow for that, so that the prints would be more likely to work for a printer other than your personal one. But of course that's entirely up to you, and if you do choose to release your library, someone else can always make that change.

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This should be a straightforward print using PLA extruded 0.3mm or finer. This STL file uses a 0.3mm gap between parts that shouldn't be connected, but that's actually a parameter in the OpenSCAD library this demonstrates.... The only aspect that doesn't necessarily print well is the little post used to keep the box closed; it's so small that the extruded filament tends to slosh around a bit, deforming it enough so that you might need to do a little filing to clean it up.


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frieljam on Mar 27, 2014 said:

Any word on the scad file? I have some interesting applications for this and would love to run with it. Great design.

owens on Jul 27, 2013 said:

The tolerances for the hinge seem about right; not floppy, but not too stiff. However, even with a fairly light bottom layer, it was extremely difficult to pop the hinges free - break them free, really - and all but one were ruined in the attempt. Still, it's a good test. Looking forward to having the library so we can adjust those parameters to suit. . .

profhankd on Jul 27, 2013 said:

Our well-callibrated MakerGear M2 is typical of the best of its generation, but lots of printers need more generous clearances. The tolerances are very printer dependent, and that part of the library is fine; the tricky stuff turns out to be the padding of hinge elements to fit dimensions and meet odd/even count constraints, and that will be done soon too.

anewsome on Jul 26, 2013 said:

Nice work professor. I'd started to create a parametric and customizable hinge box myself. http://www.thingiverse.com/thi... But I needed to write a bunch of code to optimize the size of the hinge fingers and receivers. It's a lot of work I figured out quickly. My scad file is still customizable but the hinge parameters need to be manually changed according to the size of the box being made. I'm anxious to see how you solve this, I'll adapt it to my latched box if it's not too hard.

SlaveMassaDrivaJDCUBED on Jul 23, 2013 said:

that upper right corner of the 4 hinged tile looks a little wack. Maybe you could evenout the spacing because it seems off center.

profhankd on Jul 23, 2013 said:

That's why I haven't posted the library yet. I have code in there to force even/odd hinge element counts and to pad hinges at the edges, but it still has a few issues.... Anyway, this hingebox is fully operational as it is.

Tunell on Jul 23, 2013 said:

rock on!