V2 DJI Phantom Pitch Control Lever

by bustmold, published

V2 DJI Phantom Pitch Control Lever by bustmold Jul 26, 2013


This is V2 of DJI Phantom Pitch Control Lever. We simplified the design and improved durability.

DJI Phantom transmitter has a hidden 7th channel which can be manipulated to control the pitch of the gimbal with 3d printable pitch control lever. Now you can comfortably adjust pitch position of your camera while flying your Phantom. This empowers you to do amazing aerial shots!

3d printable pitch control lever is attached at the back of the phantom transmitter and fits perfectly. Nothing extra is required!

Designed by bustmold.com/locations/ottawa/ and bustmold.com/locations/montreal/

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Tested on Replicator 2.
Works perfectly at basic settings:
Quality: Medium
Infill: 20%
Number of Shells: 2
Layer height: 0.27

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