Dremel Turbine

by Landru, published

Dremel Turbine by Landru Nov 2, 2011

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Turn your Dremel into a blower or vacuum. It works really well!

.75" ID output port, 2.15" inlet. Inlet bolt circle is 2.438" in diameter, and is for 6 4-40 bolts.

Printed on a Fablicator! www.fablicator.com

EDIT: The Impeller I believe is backwards. It still works very well, though. I'm going to re-print a mirrored version to see if it makes any difference.

EDIT2: The impeller works about the same despite being right or left handed. go figure.

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Beautiful project, I had some issues printing the shroud, but hope to arrive to print it upside down with some support grid.

You can always mirror the files.

Nice project but dremel spins the opposite direction and compressor dont make any pressure at all.

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Wear Safety glasses when first turning this on! The impeller tips spin at 200mph and will not hesitate to injure you if the impeller comes apart! Make sure the print is very good quality before spinning it up! Use at your own risk!

Print all 3 pieces.

Screw the neck onto the Dremel until snug.

Thread the Impeller onto the Dremel shaft. It might be a little tight, but will go on with a little effort. It must be threaded on completely, so there is ~1/16" clearance between the bottom of the impeller and the neck. Be careful not to break the blades, though!

Attach the shroud. The alignment pins should all line up and snap together with the alignment holes. Screw the neck and shroud together with (6) 4-40 X .25" screws.

Congratulations, your Dremel is now even more multi-purpose!

Beautiful project, I had some issues printing the shroud, but hope to arrive to print it upside down with some support grid.

Nice project but dremel spins the opposite direction and compressor dont make any pressure at all.

You can always mirror the files.

Would it be possible to modify the design to be able to have more output pressure with a smaller nozzle? When I put a small nozzle on it the air just comes out from the sides.

I think it works the same left or right-handed because centripetal force is what drives it, not the angle of the blades. The wrong angle would just add a bit extra drag.

Nice! But was tricky to print for me, the horizontal tube it only attached to the bed with one line. It comes of really easily.

This looks awesome. I wonder if a tesla turbine style impeller would blow as well with more durability. I'll have to make this and try it with my rotozip.

I would like to print a smaller version, but scaling the impeller would lead to too thin fins (say it quickly!). I had a look at the Solidworks file, but it seems that you use an external tool to generate the part. Do you have the source of source?

I printed the impeller and then wiped it down with acetone to strengthen it. It spins very fast on my dremel. I'm kind of wondering if it wouldn't be a good idea to lessen the amount of fins and make the rest of them a little thicker?

lars0 - in reply to Guest

I guess I am kind of curious about the impeller design philosophy too. What resources did you use to design it?

Landru - in reply to lars0

No philosophy at all. Just made it look like a generic turbo.

Awesome little thing... printed one in PLA then investment cast it in zinc for fun. Way cool.

darco - in reply to Kenku

Yeah, I want to see!


Does it blow good enough to replace those $5-10 compressed air spray cans for cleaning dust off the computers?

it moves a lot of air if the dremel is on high speed... a lot of air

Landru - in reply to dob71

For cleaning general dust out of a case, absolutely. You might still need a dust can/compressor for crevices, though.

I'm going to guess 60mph exit speed. Maybe a little higher with a reducer.

I guess this was the last piece for anyone who would like to build a 'Free as in speech'-robotic vacuum cleaner! NICE! Thanks!

Hah, well not untill we build an open source dremel!

Look into LRK motors.

Landru - in reply to MTO

The LRK might work, but this particular design will work best with a high rpm motor.

Any recommendations on print settings?

I used external only support, and .2mm layer height and w/t of 2.

There were a few threads which got printed in air on the outlet transition, but most everything else was spiffy.

Certainly not an 'easy' print though.

Looks like PLA, yah? Wondering if ABS makes sense or if I should stick with PLA. Thanks for the answer though.

I see no reason it wouldn't work fine in ABS. I just happened to be testing in blue PLA at the time. Even if the abs warps a tiny bit the tolerances should be loose enough for it to work fine.

I was Just wondering if anyone had made a nice turbo impeller - yup. This is just awesome