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Woman Torso Sculpt **Nudity**

by MeoWorks, published

Woman Torso Sculpt **Nudity** by MeoWorks Sep 15, 2013

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Quick ZBrush Sculpt. Haven't printed it myself but I have sliced it and previewed it etc. Looks fine and no holes/problem areas, should slice just fine in Slic3r.

The purpose of this file was to test the limitations of my Prusa i3, but I thought I'd release it to the public to use as well.

Height: 145mm tall

Feel free to resize or modify but please do give credit.

Thanks! Have fun printing!

18 hours later.

Full scale, printed in grey PLA @ 0.05mm on the MakerFarm Prusa i3. Bowden upgrade and 30 print speed.

Removed a few blobs, no other post processing done.


It's ready to print if you want it at 145mm. If not, just resize. There shouldn't be any other problems.

I use the lastest version of Slic3r

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I can't download. "No downloads Available"

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I printed mine at half scale (72.5 mm tall) and I found that in order for the overhangs to print cleanly, I needed to also print a "cooling tower" next to it to give this model time to cool between layers. Otherwise, this is an excellent model, and it allowed me to do some very useful calibration on my printer.

Great work!
Have it printed with 0.10mm, after 12 hours it was finished.
Thank you for the model.

You're very welcome! Thanks for printing!!

I made a timelapse from my print ;)
thank you for this model !

VERY COOL! Thanks for sharing!

I've printed this a couple of times now. It prints great. I need to post some pictures. I cleaned one up a bit and painted it bronze. Looks great. It's one of the few things I've gotten my Cubex to print correctly. Almost no rafters and little clean up. Since you lose a little resolution it might be nice to raise the nipples a bit and sink the belly button a tine bit.

Mi first try the printer also stopped working at the hips. On my second try the printer did not stop but
the print shows an error. A small line as if the model was cut at the waist and rotated one degree. Please see my post.
My best guess is that there is an error in the file/code.

My slic3r chrashed every time. Don`t know why. i have to resize the lady i can only print to 90 mm in z.
Can you resize the lady plz?

There's a more decimated file in the remix section. Please give that one a try.

I printed this 5 days ago at zero fill on High Resolution. Print was amazingly smooth with great detail.

Thanks and congrats on the print!

My apologies for not decimating it more, please feel free to download the remix version though :)

It's all good. I realized why the file size is so big after opening it and realizing the size/quality. I will eventually print this when I am in the mood to run the printer all day.. Lol. Thanks for the detailed sculpture!

why can't I use this? it keeps saying the liscens is wrong???

I have no idea. Have you tried downloading the file again?

Thanks guy for you continued support in keeping this piece alive!

Could you make a hollow version with an open top, useable as shot glass? That would be awesome

Sure I can upload something like that when I get the chance. How high up do you want the opening?

I think best would be a cut of at the top of the shoulders, that would leave the important areas untouched.

I'll see what I can do :)

Yeah sorry about that. Someone uploaded a super decimated version if that helps. I just like things as close to the original as possible.

In other words, Pink Panther Woman v2, now with more nipple!

The Pink Panther Woman!!!!

Well not exactly :) and while I hold pink panther in high regard, my sculpt is all original and not a remix of anyone else's work.

Oh, sure! I didn't mean to imply this was an uncredited derivative, just a clearly related. The license on this is more friendly, with Pink Panther Woman being all rights reserved.

Oh, just saw you're in West Sac! We should link up I'm in Antelope/Roseville

Gonna print this soon!

Do it!

43% this is gonna take a while

Awesome, please do share with us after it's finished!

Done! Looks great

Very nice! What's your setup? I hardly see any print lines.

Rep2 at .1mm, 2 shells, 8% infill