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Ultimaker extruder update

by ghagen01, published

Ultimaker extruder update by ghagen01 Jan 14, 2012


I finally made a re-design of the extruder assembly of a Beta
The design was on my mind for a long time.
The advance is the bigger diameter off the "bolt" (20 mm) and a bearing as a pressure roller.
Also the wheel has just straight grooves so I don't have to clean it anymore.
Because the grooves are straight it's not grinding in the filament
I print for many hours without cleaning.
My parts are looking better also because of the constant transit of
the filament.

The only disadvantage is that you have to make some parts in steel.

Geo Hagen

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i just made a remix, which does that.

Congratulations: Your extruder finally entered mass production together with the chinese Ultimaker knockoff for 1250$.

The new Metal Parts Kits are in stock now:


best regards


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Print part and assemble.
Some parts must be mirrored.

The parts 50materialwheel and 50pin-M4 are made of steel.
I use the standard bearings of the Ultimaker 8x16x5 mm.

For the tube I use a standard fitting of Festo.
G1/8 with 6 mm hole.
You have to tap this thread in 50 fittingblock.

Before you print you have to change some settings in the software because of the larger wheel.

With skeinforge >40 set M92 to about 315.
With skeinforge


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Japalura on Jan 11, 2013 said:

Congratulations: Your extruder finally entered mass production together with the chinese Ultimaker knockoff for 1250$.

fabberworld on Sep 24, 2012 said:

The new Metal Parts Kits are in stock now:


best regards


DeuxVis on Sep 12, 2012 said:

Looks nice ! Maybe you should mark it as a derivative of this thing, to help people find it.

DeuxVis on Sep 12, 2012 said:

I was notified someone ordered the 2 metal parts that I uploaded to shapeways.

Some warnings/hints :
- 50materialwheel's shaft is not threaded, so you'll have to hack another way to attach the large extruder gear to it. I printed a plastic gear (see derived thing 25914) and drilled a little bump on the shaft to force the gear rotating with the shaft.
- 50pin-M4 also isn't th
readed, and being steel it's difficult to do manually - I broke a tap in its hole and had to use a printed plastic version instead, converted to M3.
- As printed by shapeways in steel, the parts are a bit fat, you'll have to use a file on the shaft of 50materialwheel to have the bearings fit.
- The
change in reduction ratio make that extruder a bit less powerfull than the original one, you might have to decrease your print speed.

Also when your original ultimaker extruder is slipping, it might be that your hotend is blocking, I still have this problem that it prints fine on the first half of
an object and begins to block after a while. Looking for fixes currently (maybe a fan blowing on the peek part would help).

Hope it helps whoever wants to build that.

Chuckdou9 on Jul 17, 2012 said:

My printer isnt even consistent enough to print these parts

Could someone here print them for me ? In exchange for postage and a little extra, let me know .. Im dying to make my printer worthwhile !

At the moment it is screwing up almost every print no matter what i try *DONT_KNOW*

chasmaker on Jul 12, 2012 said:

Hey Geo... I adapted the Owen bowen retention mechanism to your extruder.


thanks for the great design!


bkubicek on Jun 24, 2012 said:

mine just melted due to the hot environment and a bit too hot extruder stepper motor. i think I want a fully cnc-produced extruder...

DeuxVis on May 25, 2012 said:

For reference and verification before I buy those, the bearing are 688 (8x16x5 mm) and you need 3 of them, right ?

fabberworld on Jun 9, 2012 said:

amp; Yes! :)

bkubicek on Apr 24, 2012 said:


I just wanted to note that a minor improvement could be done. Since the extruder is not grinding anymore, its not necessary to have it open at the sides. The opening at the sides make it difficult to insert new materials, i.e. doing filament changes on the fly by pushing in a new one. Its quite possible that it will move sidewards as there is no real side stabilization.

ghagen01 on Apr 24, 2012 said:

I will make an update when I have time.

I made also a gearwheel for the wooden stock part.

Not tested yet, but it should have a better teeth form compared with the stock wheel.(less play)

I use retraction since a few days and i hear a lot of noise coming from the combination stock gear wheels.

Geo Hagen

Antiklesys on Apr 22, 2012 said:

What feeder rate should be used for this?

approx on Apr 15, 2012 said:

Can I use the existing bowden tube clamp with your extruder?

ghagen01 on Apr 15, 2012 said:


You can use anything as long as it has a 1/8 G thread on it.
As far as i know the stock tube clamp has 1/8G thread.
Look at picture left of this page at I made one.


coffeeMaker on Apr 1, 2012 said:

One month using it and it is working great so far!

No more slipping... Thanks!! :D

marcusp on Feb 29, 2012 said:

Which settings do I have to change in Netfabb when purchasing the metal parts from fabberworld.com ?

I know how to set a custom header, but I don't know what settings to change.

Anonymous on Feb 29, 2012 said:


On tabpage Style you have an option calibrate.
Click on calibrate and you can set the extruder rpm for each combination defined in your material.
Example: for width 0.6mm, speed 45 mm/s, layer thickness 0.25mm i have a rpm of 1.25.
I made a build style for a testpart with only 1 outer contour.
his outer contour I set to width: medium (0.6 mm), medium(45mm/s) and my material had a layer thickness of 0.25 mm.
Than you print that part and mesure the wall thickness.
This value you can enter under button "enter measurement" in calibrate page.

Hope I am clear but once you get it it is easy to

fabberworld on Feb 18, 2012 said:

Hi, here is a small video of the extruder in action:



ssvenn on Feb 2, 2012 said:

Do you have a link to the exact Festo part used? I've been googling for a supplier but I'm not sure if I found the right series...

ghagen01 on Feb 3, 2012 said:


The partnumber is 153002 qs-1/8-6.
You can find it on the website of Festo.
But i think any brand will fit.


ghagen01 on Jan 21, 2012 said:

Minor update,

I put a spacer at the downloads.
I noticed that there was a small spacer needed between bearing and the big standard wooden wheel.
You can print it (maybe to small) or Tristan can add it to his set.
Because of the spacer a made the bearing through hole of the 50extruderrev1.stl larger.



ghagen01 on Jan 21, 2012 said:


Great job.
I send you a PM.


fabberworld on Jan 21, 2012 said:


The metal parts for the new Ultimaker Extruder Update from Geo Hagen are in Stock now!


Both parts are CNC Turned, with the highest tolerances, Made in Switzerland:

- Wheel, made in Aluminium, gear including M8 thread
- The Axis in steel with a 3.2 mm hole

You can order the full Kit including the 688 2RS (8/16/5 mm) standard Ultimaker bearing for € 59.- plus shipping. Please ask for shipping costs!

If you have any questions, please email me: [email protected]



fabberworld on Jan 17, 2012 said:

Enter the GCode Header in Netfabb:

* Go to "Ulitmaker" in the Project-Tree on the right
* select the last Tab "Machine" (I translate the german tags, so the english version could vary a bit;-)
* "Machine-Type" should be "Ultimaker" and here at the right of "Ultimaker" hit the button with 3 dots "..."
* A Dialog opens -
gt; select the "Ultimaker specific"-Tab and you see "GCode Header" and "GCode Footer"


coffeeMaker on Jan 16, 2012 said:

Great idea! I have many problems with the extruder motor slipping the filament or grinding it.. very difficult to adjust.

However, I might have the same problem.. how to fix it for Netfabb?... I didn't find any constant related to the bolt diameter.. :S

Any information about it would be great.. and also, how to make the steel parts?
Any online steel service?

ghagen01 on Jan 16, 2012 said:


I dont use Netfabb (yet).
I tried the demo version and when I tried the calibration Í could lower the rpm of the extruder motor.
Also in the expert settings you can change the speed of the extruder.
Correct me if I'am wrong.


darth-Jay on Jan 15, 2012 said:

great idea.

i thought about something similar.

what is necessary for netfabb to get wit work right?
i mean where do i find the diameter for the extruder