T-800 Terminator Exoskull

by Landru, published

T-800 Terminator Exoskull by Landru Feb 29, 2012

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I've been looking for one of these a long time, but was unable to find a printable model anywhere. I finally gave in and heavily modified the terminator skull found at: http://grabcad.com/library/terminator-head and made it a single, solid mesh, learning how to use blender in the process.

Be aware, printing one of these on a self replicating printer may be a really bad idea. Hopefully the end of the world isn't open sourced ;)

The original was printed on a Fablicator. www.Fablicator.com

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Hi, someone can tell me how many time it cost to print it with a Replicator 2X ?

dangerous. really nice.

Also I'm going to try printing it at 150 scale at 0.125mm

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This is an extremely tricky model to print well. You will need support, and patience removing it (or dissolving support material)

Also, because there are a ton of low angle slopes in the model, I suggest printing it with a small layer thickness. Mine was printed at .25mm, and I feel it was far too much.

I printed this at 140% scale. The tiny actuators kept breaking on smaller ones while trying to remove the support, so going bigger is better.

This was sliced with Kisslicer in under a minute.

Hi, someone can tell me how many time it cost to print it with a Replicator 2X ?

dangerous. really nice.

What are the dimensions at 100% Scale?

you do know that its an endoskeleton (meaning internal skeleton) and not an exoskeleton (meaning external skeleton, like spiders etc) nice model though and i'll be printing it aks soon as my solidoodle arrives

I finally got a printer capable to both process the file and print it. It needs a lid for the temperature problem with ABS since there were cracks here and there. Anyone know how to fill these in beside melting ABS in there? is there any other way?

Had some problems with underextrusion on layers with much support. Somehow there's a miscalculation in cura. Layers higher up in the print where there's no support structure print perfectly.

need to make a hollow version with open sockets, mount an Arduino is in and a couple orb webcams for eyes and you have the head of a robot, use the inmoov hands and you have the start of an evil minion bot LOL

So wicked! Mine took 14 hours 34 minutes! Sliced with ReplicatorG Printed on my TOM. Awesome!

Nice :)

Nicely done!! Gonna give it a go!

That is awesome!!!

Hello, I'm John Connor. I'm here from the future to kill you. :)

Landru - in reply to Guest

Resistance is futile

The Borg are not as scary as your print! :-)

Why, for the love of all that is holy, is this not on the front page?

This deserves the FEATURED! tag for sure

Took a while, because it wasn't printed on a Replicator? ;) I'm sure it would do a great job there, too. Nice model!

It might be able to print all at once if the neck was chopped just enough so the chin and the neck are on the same plane.

If I have time, I may cut this in half vertically, pull off the wires and make a couple plates... Do you guys think it would print better in 2 halves, then glue the cables/connectors back on?

Ok. Just figured out how to import this into Solidworks i think. Hopefully i can do some "proper" engineering mods...

I wonder if it would be easier to print if it was sliced in half vertically? Either way I'm planning on attempting this print later on today. :-D

OMFG. What the heck. This is amazing!

Needs holes in the eyes to run red LEDs!

Just finished adding led holes

http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:18338http://www.thingiverse.com/thi... 8-)

T-800 Terminator Exoskull With 5mm holes for led

It'd also be nice if it had a cylinder that you could rotate counter-clockwise to get deep inside its head and access a removable CPU.

Ya, removable chip is in the plans. Just wanted to get this up asap.

Did you ever get around to doing the removable CPU?

Also I'm going to try printing it at 150 scale at 0.125mm

Also, would make a pretty bitchin' knob for a stickshift in a jeep.