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Treefrog by MorenaP Mar 3, 2012


Red Eyed Treefrog, so you can decorate your garden pound without the noise, or check the calibration of your printer in the most cute way!
NO Commercial use and NO Derivatives allowed. See creative commons and instructions.

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Got some cool updates for the Treefrog's fans at shapeways.com/shops/morenap!
To learn the story behind it --> morenap.ca/treefrog-gadgets/
I really hope you'll all enjoy them!!!
Hi, I was printing these all weekend at the Vancouver Maker Faire to give away to kids and they were a huge hit. I just wanted to say thanks.
Great! have fun!

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This was my first model for 3D printing, that I made in order to understand what are the limitation of 3D printing, and compare different printers.

It's made purely for checking out the quality of your prints and therefore for personal home use, NO Commercial, please. If you intend to display this print result on photos/video/websites, Contact me about it. Thanks!

due to a number of problems related to the past models, this one should solve every issue. Also should be able to print well even with lower settings. Let me know if further modification are needed!
Jul 31, 2014 - Modified Aug 3, 2014
Got some cool updates for the Treefrog's fans at shapeways.com/shops/morenap!
To learn the story behind it --> morenap.ca/treefrog-gadgets/
I really hope you'll all enjoy them!!!
Hi, I was printing these all weekend at the Vancouver Maker Faire to give away to kids and they were a huge hit. I just wanted to say thanks.
Thanks, see previous post, I'm a quick learner! going to do a new crank handle for the spindle moulding machine now regards,Gwyn
Great! have fun!
Yep. Just printed another in Red abs. 115 deg bed, no supports,raft, came out ok no cleaning up to do, raft just flicked off. First one must have been a one off with the leg. thanks for the model Morena,cheers gwyn.
Hi all, new to 3d printing but got to keep up with technology. Have computer designed and embroidered with Brother 650 for years. Printed this in abs (grandaughter request awhhh!) upped the bed temp. to115 deg. printed ok. on the first go with unaltered data the front left leg was a bit weak but ok.(didn't snap right off!) As we all know abs is tricky but the extra 5deg. seems to sort the legs moving off the bed. Clean the bed always just before job with acetone then isopropol. did a larger version but the left leg failed rest was good so perhaps there is a limit in abs? Kids love the little sucker so I expect they will be printing it off now and we will be infested with them.
Hi Spannerman! This model should be printing fine without support. For any problem that may occur, is a good learning curve for how to best use your printer. I find that some printer needs either a raft or a rim on the base line, to make the feet stick. Hope this help!
For those who have printed on a Replicator 2, are supports needed?
Hi, I guess I ought to throw my two cents in here. This is one of my most favorite models to print. It is an outstanding design. As much as I like the life-size print, I much prefer the BABY frogs I can print at an 80% reduction in size on my CUBE. They really are adorable and only take 15 to 20 minutes to print. Due to their small size though, care must be taken when removing them from the glass base it is built on. I have had to invert the glass (with the frog attached) and place it on top of a totally full glass of water so it can soak over night, dissolve the glue, and release the frog. OUTSTANDING!!!
can you print this without support? i'm using a k8200 from velleman?
Did you check with the other K8200 users? In general i saw it printing fine without support. Depending by the software you use, there may be options to extend the base line, or print it slower to make it stick.
Hi! We recently featured a print of this model (originally done by Creative Tools and posted on Flickr) for a blog post we wrote comparing the differences in FFF vs. FDM 3d printing. We chose it because the picture clearly illustrates the visual difference when printing in different layer heights. I just wanted to reach out to let you know this is an awesome model and you can check it out here: supplybetter.com/blog/choosing-fff-vs-fdm.html. Cheers!
Awesome! You made very good analysis indeed, something much needed out there! Can you add an iperlink to the page of the Treefrog when you name it? Thank you! :-)
Great model and it prints perfect in 0,2 mm layers. I just finished a nine hour print and the frog came out BIG!
I'll wait to see a photo with a scale reference!
I took a picture with a matchbox beside!

Hi, Morena P. I've tried hi-res printing (0.04-0.27mm) of your cute frog with my replicator2. Can I post pics of printing results in my blog? Thanks.
I would very much like to see those pictures. I just made one at 0.03 and doing one at 0.015 now.
Hi, in my case, 0.04 is not so successful. (Probably 55% scale down made hi-res print more difficult)
Your 0.03 and 0.015 is great news!

My blog is written in japanese so I use google translator.
hi Morena P. i was wondering if you could post again the older versions of your frog.
This is my absolute #1 and only calibration object!
This is fantastic! And looks Awesome!
Thanks again for a great post :)
Thought you'd be happy to know I made one of these for my friend for Christmas :)
I love the treefrog... we print loads as calibration objects. They're especially cool in glow-in-the-dark PLA. Sliced at 0.04 in NetFabb they're gorgeous.
My first attempt was using MakerWare's high quality setting.  That one, in yellow, had several imperfections in the frog's "skin".  

My second attempt used the medium quality setting and this came out far better (in orange).
I have printed this on a MakerBot Replicator and posted close-up photos here: captainbodgit.blogspot.co.uk/2012/11/makerbot-replicator-print-quality-2.html

Not sure if I'm getting anywhere near the quality that you would expect.
I took a look to the photos and did a quick read to your blog posts about the Replicator's quality, all my respect for your conclusion (Would I buy a 3D printer for personal use? ...No.).

From your comments and photos: I know you can do it better, the Replicator is an excellent 3D printer that can (easily) do much better than what you show to us in your blog.

Sorry if I look rude, it's not my intention, it's just a matter of English not being my mother tongue.
 Thanks aubenc, your English is very good (as is the quality of your 3D prints). I guess I need to do some more reading to figure out what I should adjust for better quality.
 Hi Steve, I'll ask to who has a Replicator to pass some settings. In the meanwhile, my usual way to check calibration and settings for new pla, or when tweaking the printer, is to test with these: thingiverse.com/thing:22243
i am not able to print it in abs as the layers are not cooling fast enough making the print curl up on the edges and the hot end running into them.... i tried with .2 mm height and .35 mm nozzle...any suggestions
this new model should print smoothly, please let me know if you succeed this time!
Is it allowed to use this model on a scientific research?
you might find a way to make it jump!
I printed this at 0.05mm (50 microns) just for fun. My first attempt at a picture this size. You can see the back in my I Made One! photo, and I'm attaching a picture that shows the belly pretty well.
yes it still look quite well!

We ordered your same printer, we're going to ask you some tip soon!
My first attempt at a *print* at this size (layer height).
Super cute!! One of those designs I know immediately I must give it a print.

Thank you!!

some more
a href="http://www.flickr.com/photos/aubenc/sets/72157629762091905/"
Btw, this has been printed by bot1334, a Cupcake CNC, with home made hot-end and DC motor extruder, my settings where 0.3 layer height, 205 Flowrate and the Feedrate set to 24. Perimeter was two shells and 0.25 infill density. These settings are most probably only valid for this cupcake.
thanks all the descriptions will be useful once we get out printer!
Thanks everybody for posting the pictures! Please, comment about the printer you used so other users can compare the quality of printers
Used a MakerBot Replicator.

I scaled up 50%, used two shells and 10% infill.
Unfortunately, one of the front legs cracked halfway through the print. I'll try again later with 3 shells and 30% infill.

Very attractive model.
I'm glad you enjoy the model.

I think we'll enjoy a lot the printer once we get it. I'm making treasure of all your comments as guidance to learn, so thanks a lot pro printing and letting me know how it goes! :)
Awesome model! The 45 deg one worked really well.

With just some minor modifications you could attach him to vertical surfaces to print, too. (like the side of a cup)
Fits nicely inside a 2x twisted bottle.
Thank you for the nice model :)

Feedback on print ability of the overhangs:

To test this I picked the Ultimaker's 'standard' quality Netfabb profile which has a 0.075mm perimeter layer height. As you can see in the picture, at this thick layer height the bottom of the legs and body are not perfectly smooth. However I think it is a more representative test for the layer heights that many home 3D printers routinely work at. I have found that often the quality of the overhang part of a print improves as the layer height decreases as long as the item is firm enough to allow thin layer printing.
Just checking if I understood, what you say is that the small layer addition I made on the base of legs and paws is actually not helping, that would be better removing it? thanks! :)