The MakerBot Replicator

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The MakerBot Replicator by MakerBot Mar 12, 2012

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The Replicator is MakerBot's newest and best yet personal 3D printer. With a build envelope that’s roughly the size of a loaf of bread, it gives you the power to go big, and with the new MakerBot Stepstruder MK8, built-in Dualstrusion is possible for the first time.

<b>Technical Specifications</b>

Printing • Build envelope: 225 x145 x150 millimeters or 8.9 x 5.7 x 5.9 inches • Build Volume: almost 5 liters • Layer thickness: Choose .2-.3mm with stock nozzle. • Stock nozzle diameter: 0.4 mm • Speed: 40 mm/s • Flow rate: approximately 24 cc/hr • Maximum recommended extruder temperature: 230 C • Maximum temperature for heated build platform: 120 C • Positioning precision: 2.5 micron on Z axis 11 micron on XY axes

Electronics • MakerBot MightyBoard single-piece motherboard • 5 axis, 1/16 micro-stepping motor control • 4x20 LCD character display and multi-directional control pad • Piezoelectric buzzer • Software-controllable RGB LED lighting • Universal Power Supply - 100-240V, 50/60Hz, 4.0A (input), and takes standard IEC cable

Software • Controlled through ReplicatorG™ • Compatibility: Linux, Windows, and OSX • Print from SD card or over USB • Input file type: STL, gcode

Materials • Works with ABS, PLA, and other materials • Filament diameter: 1.75 mm

Mechanical • Linear ball bearings • Precision ground 8 mm shafts • Durable ABS injection-molded parts • Snap-on, snap-off carriage assemblies • Overall dimensions: 320 x 467 x 381 millimeters or 12.6 x 18.4 x 15 inches • Shipping weight: 32lbs

<b>Support and Documentation</b>

Find the Replicator User Guide at http://www.makerbot.com/replicator/docs

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Where I can get the control board? :)
Is there a way to increase the printing area, since we are building the printer from scratch anyway?
where can i buy the other parts? extrudes, etc.?

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<b>Components of The Replicator elsewhere on Thingiverse</b>

Makerbot Replicator LCD Interface RevB: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:16067

MakerBot Replicator Heater Board RevB: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:16061

MakerBot BotStep17 RevE: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:16059

MakerBot MightyBoard RevE: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:16058

Where I can get the control board? :)

Sep 24, 2014 - Modified Sep 30, 2014

Is there a way to increase the printing area, since we are building the printer from scratch anyway?

where can i buy the other parts? extrudes, etc.?

<p>Does anyone know where I can find the dimensions for all of the frames so I can reproduce to make my own makerbot?</p>

<p>thank you for sharing this!!!!</p>

<p>A twin rotary screw could also be considered. Easer to pull apart and clean.</p>

<p>A small vane pump or something similar would also do the job. Material is much cheaper in granular form.</p>

<p>I just went through the 217 pages of printer parts. Very interesting. Seem to be all filament feeders. If the material is fed from a hopper material like foundry investment casting wax could be used. This would need to be fed with an injection molding machine feed screw type mechanism or a small gear pump submerged in the molten material.</p>

<p>I just joined. I am a retired research engineer familiar with Alibtre Design Pro.<br>I would like to see the latest extruder designs. Particularly multi head setups and the different methods of feeding the material to the heads either hopper or filament. I will attempt to design a compact multi head system.</p>

<p>It looks like i can download the case drawings and lots of drawings of bolt, nuts and washers but is there a parts list for electronics and assembly instructions?</p>

<p>I'm a fan of Makerbot and i had a thought about all the new enclosures being added lately. It seems that there must be an optimal build temp inside the enclosure. Has anyone recorded the internal temps during a typical build which would go from ambient to peek rather than leveling off at an optimum temp.<br>Do we even know what an optimal build temp is? Surely too much heat is as bad as not enough. If a thermostat could maintain the environment +/- a couple degrees it may be worth investigating. Any thoughts?</p>

<p>E-mail is [email protected] thanks</p>

<p>I am a fan of China 3 d printer, appreciate a MAKERBOT open source community, but my English is not good, can't find the latest version of the integration of electronic mainboard download address, hope warm-hearted friends to send the address to my E-mail @qq.com, thanks</p>

<p>Also what thickness Material is needed for the parts? 6mm by the looks of it?</p>

<p>anyone built this and know off hand?</p>

<p>Does anyone know if this can be cut on a laser with a bed size of 600mm x 300mm? I'm keen to get going here ................. can someone help?</p>

<p>Does anyone have CAD files for the right and left Z-axis arms that hold the HBP? </p>

<p>Mine are warping, I have submitted a ticket to get replacements, but I think I can get some made at work out of a stronger material that will not warp, but still be light in weight.</p>

<p>i have downloaded the dxf replicator lasercut files.<br>i want to print it to scale 1:1 so i can see the parts at the original size. But when  i trying to print it the print is huge . ( i gave the file to a photocopier center to print it and they told me that is very big ).</p>

<p>.is there something to do before print it ? i am using solidworks</p>

<p>Does anyone have the actual dimensions for the laser cut parts file? I only have corel draw and I need to know so I can scale this properly!</p>

<p>Awesome! I need help ! Someone can make a BOM in rs or mouser web shop with all necessary electronic components for all boards?</p>

<p>i downloaded this file but the sizes came out to over 1000 inches for the whole thing...</p>

<p>So with only this the download and instrucctions things, i could start building one? Because you have other electronics things on the list of things you have designed so im a bit confused</p>

<p>I would be very interested in acquiring vector-art (such as SVG) versions of the canopy parts. I do not have SolidWorks and I would really like to take the plans to a local cutter to get some windows for my new Replicator. Can anyone help?</p>

<p>Added the files to my thing:</p>


<p>(duplicate response but I wanted people to see it here too).</p>

MakerBot Replicator liberated from Solidworks (STEP, IGES, Parasolid) with BOM!

<p>Hi Guys, I'm new around here. I just downloaded the Replicator zip file and was a little confused by the modeling practices. What is the reason for not using sub-assemblies? Hole wizard and component patterns might improve performance as well. Am I missing something? </p>

<p>I'm wondering if a derivative assembly that includes these modeling features would be appreciated or useful to the community.</p>

<p>Oh, but yeah I don't think a derivative assembly is necessary. Really not many members of the community use solidworks.</p>

<p>Yeah... I also was annoyed by the complete lack of sub-assemblies. Its possible its just from an unfamiliarity with Solidworks. I'm self-taught personally, so I know I have knowledge gaps even on random basic things. But sub-assemblies are really basic...</p>

<p>Not really sure why it ended up this way.</p>

<p>Since most folks around here don't use Solidworks, I wouldn't worry about it.</p>

<p>When are they going to sell kits? I want to build one plus it would be cheaper and faster. Or maybe even a thing-o-matic-upgrade kit.</p>

<p>Non-Solidworks files (STEP, IGES, and Parasolid) and a bill of materials here:</p>


MakerBot Replicator liberated from Solidworks (STEP, IGES, Parasolid) with BOM!

<p>Where do you source the really cool square nuts that the Replicator uses? I didn't see them (of that size) on McMaster-Carr and would like to start using those instead of standard hex nuts on some upcoming laser cut projects.</p>

<p>A quick google for M3 Square Nut comes up with this</p>


<p>among other things.</p>

<p>Also try ProStainless, Fastenal, or MrMetric.</p>

<p>Would anyone be interested in buying parts cut from clear perspex to replace the wooden parts?</p>

<p>...Where is there a useable Bill of Materials? How about posting the CAD files in a format that not only one program can open? (convert to parasolid pls)</p>

<p>Now with Bill of Materials too!</p>

<p>Parasolid, STEP, and IGES, just for you!</p>


MakerBot Replicator liberated from Solidworks (STEP, IGES, Parasolid) with BOM!

<p>Where's the Stepstruder MK8?</p>

<p>Wasn't this already featured?</p>

<p>Ah, source files are out I guess</p>

<p>Could "Daulstrusion" mean to be "dual-"?</p>

<p>Ok, someone go and laser cut the clear body version. You know you want to.</p>

<p>Done... see my "I made one!"</p>

<p>Will do.</p>

<p>Great! I was waiting for the release of these source files. Awesome!</p>