Mini Floor Stands

by muzz64, published

Mini Floor Stands by muzz64 Dec 23, 2016

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Mini Floor Stands are just that... a fairly large range of small stand with fun / warning / safety messages. They are a print-in-place design with two sign faces plus an arm to lock the stand in place. Easy prints for practical and fun applications... just click on the Files tab to view the range. A blank option is also available that can be edited (add text) or used with an adhesive sticker, piece of card or similar.

A colour change is required as soon as you see the letters starting to form. Just pause your machine, change the filament then re-start and finish your sign. Use whatever colors you want as long as there is adequate contrast between the stand part and the text.

Mini Floor Signs are a great way to communicate a message at home or at work. They are fun little things that, in many instances, have practical value. Use them to good effect!

Please refer to the print settings and information for additional information... and post images of your Mini Floor Stands in use for others to see.

And, if you like this design, check out the rest of my fun and practical designs.

Print Settings

Printer Brand:



MakerBot Replicator+






Standard / 0.20mm


2 Shells / 15% infill or more / PLA


Easy prints...


Just remove the raft then stand up and lock in place...

Refer to the images provided for additional information.

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Can you add a sign that says "Graduate like a champion today"?

I understand it may have to be printed larger to fit the text

Can you add a "please do not touch" I know you have a do not touch but that would make it more polite.

Please do not touch has been added...

Thank you soooooo much!

Does anybody have one that says "Printer in use" or "Printing in Progress" or something?

Printer in Use has been added... I hope this provides what you want...

Mar 19, 2017 - Modified Mar 19, 2017

Can you make one that says F*** Off? or You Cunt? haha

Thanks for the "Happy Birthday " ! I'm trying it today, as I need one Tuesday .

How about "Happy Birthday" so I could use it on a present. Thanks !

Thanks for your message... I've added 'Happy Birthday' however this makes the text used in the word 'Birthday' very small. Hopefully it prints okay... if not scale it up uniformly 20% should resolve any print imperfections.

Can you print something like drive with care

Thanks for the suggestion... this has been added for download.

Can you add one that says "New Lot"

Added as requested...

unsure what happened the the piece that flips out to keep it standing comes out every time i want to make it stand

That sounds like a slicing, machine accuracy or filament (lack of volume) issue. The overlap in the joints is significant so they shouldn't come apart unless a lot of force is applied. I've printed lots of these as have many other members with no other issues I'm aware of...

Mar 1, 2017 - Modified Mar 1, 2017
bigibomb - in reply to muzz64

im printing at .1 mm layers at .4 mm for perimeters and infill,15% infill

Feb 28, 2017 - Modified Mar 1, 2017
bigibomb - in reply to bigibomb

im reprinting it using new colors same settings tho seeing it one of the colors i used was the issue as it was a glow in the dark filament
its either that or my tolerances are to good,im really pushing my printed to see how fine it can print
2nd one works well with no issues

If I have a dual filament extruder will that work with this?

The files would need to be split in two parts that can be assigned to the different extruders when sliced... the files currently posted are all for single extruder machines however you can still pause a dual extruder machine and switch the filament to achieve the results as pictured. it's a simple process...

Ok thank you!

these are great, way better then the folded paper signs most people in my shop use. can you make a "caution wet adhesive" one? I'm printing the "wet paint" sign now.

Thanks for your comment and I'm pleased you like my little signs... unfortunately the word "ADHESIVE" is too long or makes the font too small.

However, I've added an .stl for "CAUTION WET GLUE" which fits well... hopefully that does the job and thanks for the suggestion!

My print bed isn't large enough to print the stands at a 100%. do you have them split a part that you could post?

Currently printing "May the Force be with you" on our Printrbot. Seems to want to peel up a lot during these first layers. Tips? First time 3D printer here. ;-)

Sorry to hear you are having difficulty in this way. I assume you are printing with PLA and have good build plate surface material to print onto?

Using a raft can greatly help improve adhesion to the build plate as well... and good raft settings in your slicing app should allow it to snap away easily and cleanly after printing.

Obviously ensuring the levelling is correct is all important for prints requiring a high degree of accuracy / fine details as is the case with this design due to the joints etc.

Beyond this it can be settings within your slicing app... but if other prints are working okay then it really must come down to the detail / fineness that your machine is not dealing with as well as others.

However, environmental factors like a too cold room and humidity can also affect things like this... hopefully this gives you a few things to look into and something resolves the issue for you. It's always difficult when you are not there for yourself to work through things...

All the best

very nice work!

any chance of a larger version?

Just scale them up uniformly in your slicing app... as long as it is uniform scaling it should work fine. I've scales lots of my designs up 20 - 250% with no issues.

Would you make a "Bully Free Zone" and "Grammar Police" Thanks! they are fun!

Grammar Police has been added... the word 'Grammar' is quite small but should still print okay and most importantly get the message across!

Pleased you like them... I've added "Bully Free Zone" but the word "Grammar" is too long even when the size is reduced...

You could try word police.

Jan 23, 2017 - Modified Jan 23, 2017

Can you do one that says: Put Cap On Tooth Paste

Added as requested... I hope it helps!

there is a customizer in the remix tab

Got More Ideas "Notch Zone" "DO YOUR HOMEWORK!!!" "Bully Zone" "Zombie Zone" "Gamer Zone" "9+9=21" "Myth Don't Suck"
"Mcpe Go Crash" "Dangerous Dogs" "Mcpe Zone Only" "Dad Goes Crazy" "Maker Bot Is Cool" "55% Is Dumb" "Flesh Eating Dog"
"Flesh Eating Cat"

Most of these have been added...

I'll have a look at adding some of these when time permits... some won't work due to the length of the word like 'Dangerous'

Jan 19, 2017 - Modified Jan 19, 2017

Nice design!!!!! Can you add "Don't Go Crashing" and "Do Not Go Mad" to your collection?

Added... but the word "crashing" was too long but it still works okay as "crash"... have fun with them!

Jan 19, 2017 - Modified Jan 19, 2017
LNx122k16 - in reply to muzz64

that ok!!!!

Great designs. Could you add "Genius at Work" to your collection? Thanks in advance!

Pleased you like them... file added as requested.

Thanks Muzz!

Comments deleted.

Hey just a heads up, in the "beware of the cat" sign, "beware of the" is floating off the sign. Just noticed while looking through, they look great, probably gonna have to make a couple

Thanks for letting me know... all fixed now. That happens when you create bunches of things like this.

Thanks for letting me know... all fixed now. That happens when you create bunches of things like this.

for sure, happens :)

for sure, happens :)

for sure, happens :)

for sure, happens :)

for sure, happens :)

Awesome idea and neat design !
Prints in one piece, it needed not after work.

Alternative way to print in two colors : configure your slicer to slice 0-5mm, print it, then change the filament, configure the slicer to print 5mm+ and print the text ;)

Thanks for the comment which may help some people but you could not use a Raft. That would cause problems using this method...

Any chance of posting a blank stand without any text?

Added... hopefully this provides what you're after...

Dec 24, 2016 - Modified Dec 24, 2016

What fun! Here's some more ideas...

Do Not Eat
Keep Off
Keep Quiet
Do Not Inhale
Go Away
Bio Hazard
Watch Your Step
Beware of Cat
Safe Sex Zone
No Parking
Tow Away Zone
External Use Only
Shock Hazard
Quiet Please
Steal This Sign
Take Me Home
Help Wanted
I'll Be Back
Trust Me
Feel The Force
Press Enter
Flush After Use

Thanks... I'll add some of these as/when I get a chance.

muzz do u know how to make customizers it would be quite useful on this

Thanks for your message and yes customizable would be great however there are a couple of issues with that. Firstly my current openSCAD knowledge is limited which leads on to the next issue which is applying rules about the number of characters used per line / font size... if the letters get too small they wont print well for a lot of people (particularly with lower spec / accuracy machines.... then they ask me to explain why). For now what I've posted is the safe way... and a few more will be added. All the best!

Dec 25, 2016 - Modified Dec 25, 2016
sej7278 - in reply to muzz64

you could just release the scad source and not flag it as a customizer, so people who know their way around openscad could download and edit the designs without people moaning about customizer not working properly.

or maybe just a blank stl that people could add their own text to.

...the problem there is the source files are not SCAD. These are all set up in Rhino. I do need to spend some time learning openSCAD properly to make life easier with things like this. The problem there is I keep coming up with new ideas so spend my time designing them rather than learning new things... I need to do it!

Dec 25, 2016 - Modified Feb 6, 2017
sej7278 - in reply to muzz64

I've had a go at making a similar thing using OpenSCAD here, its not quite finished and the text was a nightmare (e.g. no multiline support in OpenSCAD). I was going to try to just remove the text from the STL but OpenSCAD didn't like difference()'ing with it, seems its quite common from Rhino output.

Parametric Floor Standing Signs
by sej7278

What is that xbox front thing in the comparison picture? I think that looks cool that it says start and stop!

Thanks for your comment... that's my sons X-Box and he used to worry about someone turning it off while he is downloading games or updates. No issues any more...

You only gave .stl files so we can't print it in color.

Thanks for your message. .. please read the instructions again as changing color is explained. It's easy. .. when you see the text start to print above the sign surface pause your machine and change the filament then resume printing. I hope this helps!