Kühling's x-ends for MendelMax 1.5

by tommyc, published

Kühling's x-ends for MendelMax 1.5 by tommyc Apr 10, 2012


Modified version of jonaskuehling's x-ends for use with LM10UU/LM10LUU and 10mm z-rod.

I am marking this as work in progress because I haven't mounted this into my mendelmax yet.

June 8, 2012 Uploaded v1.1 and no longer WIP. Backporting some improvements form the resin nut version http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:23842

Apr 11, 2012 Updated the idler files and scad file to fix an unsupported hole in the zstop screw holder.

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Hi, This x end is great, I use trapezoidal screw Tr10x2 for mendelmax 1.5 goo.gl/HYqLSc and nuts 15x30 black POM goo.gl/EC58uv only top screw hole is a bit small, but you can use 10,5mm drill bit and work ;)
Hello, is it possible to change the lm10uu to lm8uu diameter over a parameter? Or who can i do this?
What % of infill do you use?, and do you use support?

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Kühling's x-ends for MendelMax 1.5 by tommyc is licensed under the GNU - GPL license.

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There are 2 variants of these x-ends uploaded, the misumi leadscrew and normal M8. Print the ones you needed.

These x-ends takes either 2 LM10UU or 1 LM10LUU.

If you are using a different leadscrew, post the dimensions of the nut in comments, and i will try to make another variant.

Hi, This x end is great, I use trapezoidal screw Tr10x2 for mendelmax 1.5 http://goo.gl/HYqLSc and nuts 15x30 black POM http://goo.gl/EC58uv only top screw hole is a bit small, but you can use 10,5mm drill bit and work ;)

<p>Hello, is it possible to change the lm10uu to lm8uu diameter over a parameter? Or who can i do this?</p>

<p>What % of infill do you use?, and do you use support?<br>Thanks!</p>

<p>The openscad is generating just one screw for bushings and it is on the wrong side. Perhaps you uploaded an older version? Thanks for sharing</p>

<p>Hi tommyc,<br>I want to upgrade with LM10UU, but I have a trapezoidal leadscrew TR8x1.5.<br>Kuelhings does have the xend with this leadscrew but with 8mm Z-rod.<br>My question is ? is it possible to copy and paste the file for the leadscrew in your SCAD ?</p>

<p>anyone set this up using a leadscrew and nut from terawatt industries?  8mm leadscrew not quite sure on the nut dimensions</p>

<p>do you have the part # from misumi? thanks!<br></p>

<p>for the lead screw and nut? the one that fits this design is discontinued.</p>

<p>you may want to use http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:23842 or http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:24574&Acirc;&nbsp;&lt;br&gt;&lt;/p&gt;

Kühling's x-ends Misumi Resin Nut Edition
by tommyc
Kühling's TommyC Misumi X-Ends 8mm Edition
by jmil

<p>Is it possible to get this for a 10mm x-axis?</p>

<p>Just change  "rod_dia = 8;" to "rod_dia = 10;" at the top of the scad file and recompile.</p>

<p>Thanks! I have never used openscad before...  Looks interesting time to learn some more software.</p>

<p>what is the spring / bolt used for in this picture?<br>http://www.thingiverse.com/image:126072&Acirc;&nbsp;I can't work it out!</p>

<p>This is the plunger for the build in Z stop adjustor.  This picture should give you a better idea http://www.flickr.com/photos/39800333@N05/7289061724/in/photostream&lt;br&gt;I use a Hall-O for z stop in this bot.</p>

<p>Like the x-rod clamps, I'm building a MMax1.5 with 10mm z-rods and 8mm x-rods, 8mm acme leadscrews and LM10UU's in the z-axis, so I have picked the x-end-idler v1.1 and x-end-motor v1.1 - is that right?</p>

<p>Yes, That's correct</p>

<p>Thanks for the awesome x-ends! Any chance you can make the idler end take 8mm bushings or LM8UUs for the X-rails to negate any binding?</p>

<p>This may be a dumb question, but I am using the Acme leadscrew and nut from TechPaladin ( http://techpaladin.com/store/#ecwid:category=1941327&lt;br&gt;&amp;&lt;br&gt;amp;mode=product&lt;br&gt;&amp;&lt;br&gt;amp;product=8445245 ), but I can't figure out if the nut should go in the bottom, or the top section of the x-end. </p>

<p>I'm used to using 2x M8 nuts with a spring inbetween on my Prusa. Do I need 2 leadscrew nuts as well for this design?</p>

<p>If you use the non misumi version, then it is the same design as the normal prusa x-ends. so 2 nut and a spring in the middle. However, you should be able to get away with just one nut on the bottom.</p>

<p>This looks really good. I'm going to upgrade my Mendelmax 1.0 to use 10mm rods and leadscrews using these.</p>

<p>Do you know what the correct part number for the lead screws and nuts are? I want to make sure I order the correct sizes.</p>


<p>if you would hold a bit, i am building my MM1.5 with misumi 10mm leadscrew and resin nut. Will post a new version of this specific to that setup, with misumi part numbers.</p>

<p>I just ordered MTSTRA10-300-S20-Q6 and MTSRN10 for the resin nut version. I'm anxious to make this upgrade to my MendelMax and get rid of the old M8 threaded rod!</p>

<p>What's the X rods size?</p>

<p>8mm, but you can edit the scad file to increase them to 10mm easily enough.</p>

<p>That's some great looking plastic, care to share your source?</p>

<p>Already there, just grep all the scad files.</p>

<p>I'm confused... was asking about that blue/grey plastic of yours.</p>

<p>Blue form ultimachine, Grey form http://www.repraper.com/ and don't laugh.. </p>

<p>Other colors here http://goo.gl/UWUpB&lt;/p&gt;

<p>Interesting... thanks. How's the print quality from the plastic from <br>&<br>lt;cough<br>&<br>gt; repraper? That place looks more than a little shady. DONT_KNOW</p>

<p>Surprisingly good. 8-)</p>

<p>The first layer is difficult to lay down correctly, drove me nut when i first try them. Need to use almost abs temperature on the pla(220C hotend, 90C bed), and print really really SLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW(20mm/s range). </p>

<p>However, form layer 2 on, it's just as good as any other filament i've used,<br> i print at 170mm/s infill, 50mm/s perimeter, 185 - 190C hotend and 60C bed after layer 1. print quality is great.</p>

<p>you can see their green and orange here http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:20117 </p>

<p>p.s. all i said above is for their 1.75mm PLA filaments, haven't try their ABS or 3mm stuff, but i do<br>ubt they will be much worst.</p>

PanelMax Vertex
by tommyc

<p>Thanks Tommy!</p>