Kühling's x-ends Misumi Resin Nut Edition

by tommyc, published

Kühling's x-ends Misumi Resin Nut Edition by tommyc May 28, 2012


This version is design for the following Misumi leadscrew and resin nut.

Leadscrew: MTSTRA10-300-S20-Q6 Leadscrew Nut: MTSRN10

The stainless steel leadscrew and resin nut makes for a lub free configuration. Pairing them with the Misumi LMUW-MX10 self lubricating linear bearing makes for a lubrication free setup.

You can also use either a LM10LUU or 2 LM10UU with these x-ends. I opt for the Misumi LMUW-MX10 because I want to make my printer as maintenance free as possible.

More pictures here: http://goo.gl/JRg97

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Ok, I have 1601.49780213 , For me it's correct.
Makes sense :)
Hi tommyc, can you tell me the step per unit you use in your FW for the Z axis with this Leadscrew please :)

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<p>Hi tommyc, can you tell me the step per unit you use in your FW for the Z axis with this Leadscrew please :)</p>

<p>Ok, I have 1601.49780213 , For me it's correct.</p>

<p>Can you upload the scad file for the motor end. I want to change to fit the 10mm rods I have. I had these made these for my build and saw that they are for 8mm rods.</p>

<p>Where did you get the resin nut?</p>


<p>You list "Leadscrew: MTSTRA10-300-S20-Q6" as the lead screw, however Misumi seems to not like the second "T" should it be Leadscrew: MTSRA10-300-S20-Q6" ?</p>

<p>MTSTRA10 is stainless steel which is more suitable for lube free operation with the resin nut. MTSRA is just normal steel.</p>

<p>Makes sense :)</p>

<p>what x carriage are you using?  </p>

<p>This http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:23897&lt;/p&gt;

Greg's X-Carriage with Kühling's LM Holder
by tommyc

<p>would I be able to use Terawatt industries leadscrew and brass nut with these x ends?  what would I need to change in the scad file?</p>

<p>My guess would be that they are just reselling misumi 8mm leadscrew/nut, so try this one http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:24574&lt;/p&gt;

Kühling's TommyC Misumi X-Ends 8mm Edition
by jmil

<p>Hi,<br>just wanted to know: how do you order from misumi (because i'd like to order the same screws and nuts you use) but they ask for a VAT number saying it's only for professionals.. <br>Thank you very much,<br>Nicolas</p>

<p>I am not an expert in their european operations, but even in Hong Kong, they seem to be B2B only.  May be you can ask around #mendelmax on freenode to find out how people order in Europe.</p>

<p> Hi, thank you very much for your reply. Could you give me the parameters you choose on their website for the screws so i can be sure to order the good ones? <br>thank you,<br>nicolas</p>

<p>I mucked about with the SCAD file and it only spit out the idler side. Am I missing some obvious step to get the motor side?</p>

<p>Nevermind, I'm just terrible at openscad.</p>

<p>how would i change this to use 8 mm leadscrews and MTSNR8 flanged nuts from misumi?</p>

tommyc - in reply to jmil

<p>Replace the values in the scad file with these ones, please tell me if they works for you. </p>

<p>leadscrew_dia_misumi = 8; </p>

<p>leadscrew_nut_wrench_size_misumi = 15+0.35; //D</p>

<p>leadscrew_nut_height_misumi = 20; //L1 </p>

<p>leadscrew_nut_flange_size_misumi = 30+0.35; //D1</p>

<p>leadscrew_nut_flange_height_misumi = 5; //T </p>

<p>leadscrew_nut_flange_screw_pcd_misumi = 22; //P.C.D</p>

<p>Where did you get the orange filament? and is it ABS or PLA</p>

<p>Now THAT looks professional. Great work! Gonna be building a MendelMax in a month or so and this is surely going to justify stripping my Prusa for parts.. Can't Wait!</p>

tommyc - in reply to JerZ

<p>I did exactly that, haven't look back since.</p>