Filabot Wee Open Source Plans (Update Pending)

by filabot, published

Filabot Wee Open Source Plans (Update Pending) by filabot Jun 8, 2012

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This is a filament extruder that turns pellets into plastic filament. The Filabot Wee is the first system in our product line up. If you have any questions please visit our site at Filabot.com


Instructions to come soon.

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34074Views 1930Downloads Found in 3D Printer Extruders
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When will there be files up to build one of these?


Jul 27, 2015 - Modified Jul 27, 2015
rlange - in reply to MUNNA

MUNNA, what is the size and tolerance of your filament? Is this something that is consistently occurring? Has anyone else run into this problem?

can u give an estimation on the date the instructions will come out

which is speed for 1kg of 1.75mm

Apparently not open source anymore

It still is open source, we are going to be updating files soon

"soon" --comment posted 5 months ago. no files updated.
posted to thingiverse back in 2012, almost 2 years ago. no files updated
Wheres the files?

is that a worm gear extruder like you find on an injection Moulder?

Firstly: I'm getting a friend to make me all the metal and teflon parts :)

Secondly: Is there an alternative motor that can be used? Or even somewhere that has all the specs for the motor so I can look for an alternative?

Thanks :)

Good to see this page is so active :p

Does the auger bit actually work? It looks hollow. Is there specs somewhere for the perfect extruder screw shape? I'm a machinist, could possibly make one.

Are you going to release source files for this? What software are you using for designing this?

Been following this since the beginning. The one thing I can't find and am really curious about, is the extrusion rate. Would love it if anybody had any information.

From all the posts on kickstarter it seems to be fairly slow, like 7-8 hours for 1kg of material. I'm hoping that can get sped up at some point but it's certainly a usable start.

8 hours for 1kg is far faster than anyone should be able to print with it, so for home use it doesn't seem like a problem. Would probably be too slow for production use, however.

7 hours for 1kg pla is faster than I can order and receive it ;)

What does that have to do with the filabot?

ronsheely - in reply to

I think Mando5 might be referring to how the MIT 3D Printing lab is experimenting with printing plastic from recycled milk jugs.

Yep :)

Plus incorporating this to the extruder, would make it possible to not be depended on buying Or using a spool.


off topic, the woman in that clip is hot but she could definitely use a comb or something.

guess they are too busy making cool stuff than to comb hair :p

Finally, this gets a feature! I was beginning to think there was some kind of Makerbot Store conspiracy going on ;) Now, all we need is the blog to catch up... and maybe do something more than simply repeating the items description...

Seriously folks, check out their kickstarter- The implications of future designs have the potential for awesome-a-plenty!

Good work. Do you know the mm per btu? Or do you know what the extruusion rate is in meter per min/hour?

Very, very exciting work! Looking forward to seeing one on my table eating my failed prints!!

That is very cool, especially if you are getting that accurate of filament produced. Something like this could dramatically reduce the cost of printing.

The Screw is a 5/8in auger bit. Look at the BOM for this.

I have not included an assembly drawing yet. I will be uploading that soon.

Why i don't see any specifications about the screw extrusion shape?

Hey guys, did you see this:


It is a competition and here is the challenge:

Drive down the cost of filament by creating a machine. The first team/person to build an open source filament extruder for less than $250*(calculation details below) in components can take ABS or PLA resin pellets, mix them with colorant, and extrude enough 1.75mm diameter +/- .05mm filament that can be wrapped on a 1kg spool.

We have seen this competition, we have entered. and we are just working on the extruding of PLA.

I was looking at your nozzle and I noticed your extruding at 1.6mm. Wouldn't you want to make it bigger than your final diameter since the plastic would cool and shrink.

Thanks Mouritsen, The filament that it is currently producing is 1.75mm dia. +/- .05mm.

There are no bubbles in the filament. It is some really great stuff. We have printed with our filament and it works great. We have a "youtube" channel where we have a few videos showing the system working.

The Filabot Reclaimer is our system that has a grinder so that you can recycle your old prints, soda bottles, milk jugs.........the list goes on and on.

Good ol "youtube". ;)

Good job putting this together so fast. What is the quality of the filament? Is it uniformly round? Is it a consistent thickness? Does it have any bubbles in it? Have you printed with it and if so how does it perform compared to commercially produced filament? I'd be very interested to see a video of it in action.

That is what the Filabot Reclaimer is to do. That has the grinder with it.

Neat. I'd love to see a video of it in operation.

Could Filabot be used to recycle failed prints?