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Elephant by LeFabShop Feb 25, 2014

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We created this cute little articulated elephant last month for our friends in Nante, at IRT Jules Verne (France).
Their city is well known for their giant puppets. The most famous one is a huge robotic elephant, the size of a building.
Since they bought a lot of material from le FabShop, including a ton of MakerBots, our creative director, Samuel N. Bernier designed this little toy to be used as a goodie.
It had a great success, so we decided to share it with you.

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Thanks for that, can't wait to try on my P:SM

Hey guys, I have a Solidoodle 2 Pro with a heated bed, and I was wondering if anyone with close to the same printer has had good results with this print?

Prints real well - kids love it - its only missing a tail

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You can download two files for two different size :
XL size (length : 275 mm)
XS size (length : 90 mm)

  • Can be printed with 0 infill if you want
    The Z resolution we used is 0,2. (MakerBot's standard setting)
    We used MakerBot's Pumpkin orange PLA.
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This comment has been deleted.

Hey guys, I have a Solidoodle 2 Pro with a heated bed, and I was wondering if anyone with close to the same printer has had good results with this print?

Prints real well - kids love it - its only missing a tail

This comment has been deleted.

If I were to print this elephant on the Ultimaker 2, what settings (i.e. layer thickness) should I use to get the best results?

Used the Velleman K8400 printer to print but the legs are all fused. It looks nice though.....guess I have to recalibrate the printer. Has anyone tried it on a K8400/8200. I just assembled the printer and am wondering if my belts are a tad too tight....thoughts?

Minitiarized and printed two with the legs frozen on one and mobile on the other.

We love it! knocked out three in a row on a Dreamer using ABS and PLA. Either way - lovely!

its printing on my printrbot simple with some great results.... so far. the layer hight is at 0.2 mm.

Wow, I just made the small one (1 hr 50 min) and I was nervous/anxious the whole time (first large print that I wasn't in the same room with).

It printed out perfectly! Joints move and I love it! Printrbot Metal Simple, Getting Started.ini, 5% fill, 220 degrees Filament Outlet, white PLA

Thanks for that, can't wait to try on my P:SM

I am having trouble getting the joints to move. Did you have to force them to move? or did it do it on its own?

The two front legs are connected. I think the back are too? So if any of the legs are stuck after printing, push them with a little force to fee them. They shouldn't break, but still be careful. After you free them, they move very freely.

Thats the problem. I cant get the joints to seperate. They are rock solid!

The legs should just be attached to the body. I think my elephant's legs were stuck too, but I braced the body and pushed the front legs down. I think it took me almost a minute to test the strength and carefully pay down the legs. The back legs were much easier to free up.

I've got a large one printing right now, it's been running since 08:30 and its now early evening. Toes to trunk tip right to the edge of my Kossel Mini build platform glass. With a hollow body, hole in the bottom for a stopper and slot in the top it would make a lovely money box. My daughter loves this design, thanks for sharing. We printed a small one last night and will post a photo of mother and baby elephants when done.

Jan 10, 2015 - Modified Jan 10, 2015

Hey I was wondering if I can print this on a makerbot replicater mini

BONJOUR ALEJANDROW ESSAYE AVEC REPETIER-HOST V1.0.6 ET SLIC 3R 1.1.7 ça marche impeccable j'ai eu le même problème A+

Ok c'est bon merci Caizzii :)

What are you using to slice it? For me, slic3r cuts off the head and front legs.

Looks like HP has disreguarded the meaning of NON COMMERCIAL in your license. I'll just leave this here. http://gizmodo.com/hp-goes-3d-with-a-multijet-fusion-printer-1652203781

Bonjour, félicitation pour cet éléphant je le trouve magnifique. Toutefois j'ai un volume d'impression 20x20x20 cm je ne peux donc imprimer le modèle grande taille et je trouve l'autre trop petit. Serait il possible d'avoir la taille intermédaire ? En vous remerciant :)

Bonjour, Avec RepetierHost, tu peux changer l'échelle/"scale" pour la mettre à 0.8. Normalement, cela devrait te permettre de le faire tenir dans 202020. A voir suivant le logiciel que tu utilises.

Sorry, I want to know how did you print the belly of the elephant ? because there are some overhangs at this level. I could reach yours print quality. Please check in the link below : http://www.thingiverse.com/make:97630 Thanks for help

This is awesome - such a great design. Do you have anymore like this.

This comment has been deleted.


How long does this take to print?

it took 100 minutes on our replicator2.

If you see this I need help on what 3d printer to buy message me please :/

I love this guy!

Always a big fan of objects with movable parts that can be printed all-at-one with no assembly. Printed the small one using soft (rubber-like) PLA. Works great. Now am working on printing the large one with a factor of 0.8 using the same soft PLA

Really nice work.

This comment has been deleted.

I tried printing this elephant, thrice. Every time, the legs just fuse together after a few layers. any suggestions?

first try came out nice but with slight overhang issues bettween the leg slot and under the trunk, btw the guys need a TAIL :D

Amazing design! How much is the head supposed to move? Mine can nod slightly but not sure if it should move more or be able to roll side to side as well. Also are the rear legs supposed to be able to move independently?

trying to print this on Replicator Mini. Any suggested settings for success?

Looks so perfect

my first print...perfect!

After 3 tries i can't get the ears right as the bottom part "leaking" (same on the feet where the overhang is). Any idea how to make a perfect print like this beautiful orange elephant?

I want to know it too

I made this one and filmed it with my go pro in stop motion. This is a great print. http://vimeo.com/92577771http://vimeo.com/92577771

Thanks for posting that video. I cracked up at the end when the elephant got up and walked around a bit.

Are the files for the standing version available? I see several of them that have been printed, but only the two lying ones available to download.

the design allows for the legs to move. the lying down one is the standing up one as well!

Would it be possible to create a version that has a solid trunk? I have printed a couple of these for my 2 year old to play with but the trunk breaks off within the first couple hours of play. I have tried with various levels of infill but the thin portions of the trunk are just not tough enough to withstand any bending or dropping. Besides that, I love this print!!!

Also, out of 118 makes nobody has done multiple colors in the same print? Come on people, lets get creative!! http://www.thingiverse.com/make:74141http://www.thingiverse.com/mak...

I have done a couple of two colored ones but nothing as beautiful as yours.

Ok so I printed this with .2mm and 30%infil, and a raft. It came out looking great but it doesnt move at all. I took some pliers to get one of the legs to swing and I just ended up breaking off the other leg, any ideas?

just did a remake of this with a tail, eyes, nostrils, ear gauges with flexible ear gauge and Taurus ear ring. I haven't printed it yet but when i do, i'll post it. the .stl file is ready if any wants to try it.

What is the smallest version that has been successful on a Replicator 2? Has anyone scaled down the small elephant? The default size is about perfect.

For those wondering about time, with 3% infill, 2 shells,90/150 travel(default),230C, and the .2mm layer height are times were: 70% Large Elephant: 6:26 (hr:min) Small Elephant: ~90 min 6 small elephants: 8:18

Our only failures were feed issues that were not related to the elephant.

I made 2 of the little guys on my Rep 2 and they turned out great! Can not get the big guy to print though... PLA just gets stuck right at the nozzle and keeps moving it around?

Make sure the build platform is level.

Can somebody please run me through all the settings i need on my makerbot replicator 2 When it comes to laying down the first layer - It wont print the back leg when the nozzle moves it just moves the print with it - I have tried playing with the settings but it just isn't working. I really wanted to print one of these for my cousins birthday.

We also find that printing on painter's tape helps it stick properly and is easy to remove after. We default to printers tape when no section has too big of a footprint. For things with a really long straight section (~4"+) we print with a raft on the bare platform. It works well for us. These prints did amazing! The largest we've done is 70% of full size for the largest.

Hey Loopy, sounds like you're bed's not leveled correctly. If the plastic doesn't stick to the build plate on the left side, for example, just turn the left bed-leveling screw clockwise to tighten the gap.

Thank you - Sorted!

LOVE This! Thank you so much!

I really liked the look of this part, so I printed the small version first, with the intention to print a 70% scaled version of the larger one next. My printer is well controlled, with little backlash etc, but the joint gaps at the small scale result an a lot of fusing. Having said that, 30 minutes with a small scalpel loosened the legs and head joints. I am pleased to say that the leg joints pivot well on their axles, but I was disappointed to discover, using netfabb, that the pivot point for the head is not in the middle of the radius, so it will never move by more than the small gap will allow. It's a 9/10 generally, with 2/10 for the head.

I discourage to print the large version without infill. With 2 shells it become's very weak and unstable, and causes a bad finish on the top surfaces Works great with the smaller version though.

We default to 3% infill and it worked great for a 70% of full size version.

I'm attempting the large version at 70% with zero infill and 3 shells. I'll let you know how it comes out.

Fantastic build! Perfect every time! The only thing missing is his little tail :) I could easily be added to his rear end as a 'tucked under' small bump.

I twice tried printing the LFS_elephant.STL on my MakerBot with PLA and the default settings. Both times the print looked good, but when I took it off the built platform the legs were quite stuck. Both times the axel broke when I tried to articulate them. Any ideas what I'm doing wrong?

In your photo above there is clearly no plastic connecting the top of the leg and the bottom of the elephants body. But in my print there are lots of bits of plastic connecting those.

Never experienced other problems with overhangs?

If you have a Replicator2 I recommend this alternative cooling fan duct; http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:140254http://www.thingiverse.com/thi...

You could also try a 5 degrees lower temperature, and/or 10mm/sec higher speed.

Downward Blower Duct for Replicator 2

Thanks! I printed the new cooling duct and tried again, it worked! I didn't even get to try tweaking the settings, I just stuck with the default.

Very clever, and it prints and works very well. It printed at 0.24mm and no infill with out any problems.

This thing is really cool! :)

Has any one made this with a print bot simple?

I did one of the small elephants on my simple at 250 micron. Turned out great - http://www.thingiverse.com/make:67626http://www.thingiverse.com/mak... - picture doesn't do it justice, as the black PLA doesn't photograph well. Thinking about printing the large version at 150 micron with some DeltaMaker blue

Thanks mine will print but not big enough for the joints to move. And I cant print it at the size it starts at cause I cant slice it. (I use slicer)

Nice work! Prints great with 0% infill in about an hour.

Nice idea to print it with rotary legs to avoid support. Prints fine.

I tried to place in makerware and it "freaks out". The elephant disappears and is replaced by a couple triangular shapes. Any ideas?

I am having similar trouble with Slic3r, it seems to draw only the back half of the elephant and just tiny bits of the head, not a complete model.

Can you give him a tail?

Can it be scaled? I can have different sized elephants instead of just big and small.

I'm currently attempting the large version scaled down to 70% (so it will fit on my build plate). It appears it will take about 17 hours for my printer to finish it.

Really nice model!

Does it need support or so during print for the legs/head to move?

He prints laying down. We didn't use any supports and it prints great!

That's an Oliphaunt!

how long is the print?

How download the information?

The big blue "download" button... ?

The picture of the model looks very very good, what sort of printing is that?

We used MakerBot's Pumpkin orange PLA :) The Z resolution we used is 0,2. (MakerBot's standard setting) It's the XL version.

How did you print this without supports? Looking at the model, there are overhang issues above each legs. Its just impossible to print it nice like you did without some sort of support.

Could you please share your entire process? thank you.

Any post smoothing/sanding?

iarn - in reply to bigluc

Nop ;) Just love !

Why is the STL for the tiny version so much larger than the STL for the large version?

Because they are in different formats: the larger file is in US-ASCII (human readable) format; whereas, the smaller one is in binary format.

I'm afraid to try moving the head - is it supposed to move too?

Not left and right, but up and down, like the legs.

Great design, congrats on the feature!

This was a fun one to analyze. Don't know if I'll ever print it, but good job with the included joints.

It printed out nicely except for the areas just above the legs where it overhangs. Also, despite what the featured article says, the elephant does not use ball joints, it is merely an axle that connects the legs on each side together. Well, unless they the model files on me because I printed it out on the day they submitted it (which was yesterday).

Love it. One of your best works!