Laser cut Mendel

by Decru, published

Laser cut Mendel by Decru May 1, 2010

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This is our first public release for a laser cut design for the Mendel.
All parts are redesigned so they can be lasercutted.
This design is made from a sheet of acryl with a thickness of 4mm.

This design is the result of a master thesis at the University College of Ghent(Belgium) by me, Frederic Decru.
My promoter is Peter Van Ransbeeck, my co promotor is Kurt Van Houtte and my coaches Mathias Vermeulen and Batist Leman.

Triggered by the lecture by dr. Adrian Bowyer at our University, and by the design challenge by Bre Pettis @ Makerbot I\\\'m glad to submit this thesis to the public domain by posting it on Thingiverse.

Caution: This version is under development and so a lot of improvements can be made, feel free to post derivatives!


Coreldraw filles online
The manual and partlist are online

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Did you manage to get hold of the missing files? If so would you mind either throwing a link my way, or forwarding them to me? Thanks!

Wonderful project!

Perhaps to reduce the xy wobbly movement you could extend the electronics-supporting part down to the bottom (with a big hole to let the carriage pass through)

My question is. Does it work? I have seen movies the everything is moving, but not printing?

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Anonymous on Feb 21, 2011 said:

Wonderful project!

Perhaps to reduce the xy wobbly movement you could extend the electronics-supporting part down to the bottom (with a big hole to let the carriage pass through)

xenop on Jan 15, 2011 said:

My question is. Does it work? I have seen movies the everything is moving, but not printing?

marcobaleno on Nov 5, 2010 said:

I made new 3D-parts with the dimensions from the .cdr dwawings and made an assambly of them,

it all fits. But there's still one part missing that isn't in the .cdr drawings: ring geleiding, you can find it in the manual page 11. I have just estimated the dimensions of it and put it in the cdr file.

So you can use the cdr.files but you have to put the part: ring geleiding in it...

labe on Nov 4, 2010 said:

great work!

missing some .dxf files:
-onderstukplaat lager
-onderstuk houder extruder
-updown voorkaut
-plaatsturingmotor /+vast
are you sure about the "Ruwe afmetingen" whatever, dimesnsions in the "Stukkenlijst Decru.pdf"?
they are dissimilar as in the .cdr-sheet...

maybe you find some time and
can fix this!
thanks a lot!

kingping on Jun 14, 2012 said:

Did you manage to get hold of the missing files? If so would you mind either throwing a link my way, or forwarding them to me? Thanks!

marcobaleno on Sep 29, 2010 said:

There missing a few DXF-files...

marcobaleno on Sep 15, 2010 said:

Hoi Decru,

Zou je mij kunnen vertellen wat de nauwkeurigheid, de afmetingen en het gewicht van jou ontworpen Mendel zijn?
Mvg. Marco

tombo9999 on Aug 23, 2010 said:

I made an SVG version of your Coreldraw design, if you want i can send them to you and you can upload them to thingiverse (for people without Coreldraw).
SVG is Standard Vector Graphic and can be open with Inkscape.

Any news, is your printer actually printing, any video?
I'm going to use some of your design for my X and Y axis. Thanks, Luca :-D

Anonymous on Aug 4, 2010 said:

Is it possible to build it from 5mm acryl?

tallerjp on Jul 7, 2010 said:

for how to avoid fractures with acryilc

Anonymous on Jun 22, 2010 said:

I am trying to open the dxf files...
some of them are corrupted, and the ones I can open have the wrong dimensions (factor 309.88 off)

any ideas?

ZNahum on Jun 7, 2010 said:

Too bad I cant read German, but the visuals are a great help. Anyone know any pdf translators?

Decru on Jun 10, 2010 said:

I knew that many people don't speak Dutch but

I have made it with lot's of pics so normally everyone

should be albe to make the Mendel


eranglr on Jun 1, 2010 said:

This is great!

are those the same parts as one this ad on ebay: http://cgi.ebay.com/Laser-Cut-...

Thank you!

Spacexula on Jun 5, 2010 said:

Nope Techzone has not been so kind as to upload their files as a dxf or other lasercutable file.

Decru on May 28, 2010 said:

Manual and partlist are online

tallerjp on May 26, 2010 said:

any progress? Nice video but I was amused seeing the z axis jam. Did you figure out what was causing the jam?? V. nice basic design anyways 8-)

Decru on May 28, 2010 said:

haha thank you

I think there is too much friction

but first I have to study some because

Monday I have a examination

But i just put the manual and part list online

Anonymous on May 21, 2010 said:

Anybody make any progress modifying this to use 3/16" sheets? I am in the us and interested in this and hoping I won't have to attempt the mod myself.

ZNahum on May 23, 2010 said:

I also am interested if someone is working on it. I will try to do it myself, but I do not know what unit size the dxf files are in and they have no dimensions. Also without the manual, we don't know which parts connect to what, so we have little idea of which to modify.

Moshi on May 18, 2010 said:

Very cool concept, I am very looking forward to the manual.
This looks like it would enable people to send the data to a laser-cutting service and build Mendel without any special tools.

Anonymous on May 14, 2010 said:

Nice done. I know it wasn't easy, but you still continued.

You even made it, against a payable price.

Let's hope you get some good points.

Good done, brother.

ppeetteerr on May 12, 2010 said:

Very nice work! Is it possible to post your unigraphics files. I would love to make a version that uses a thickness of 5mm (common in the US). I started importing every piece and extruding it but it would be easier to modify if I had the original files.

Decru on May 7, 2010 said:


I have put the Coreldraw filles online

Have fun

ZNahum on May 2, 2010 said:

I'm looking everywhere and in the USA they seem to not sell 4mm acrylic sheets. The closest I can find is 3/16 inches (4.76 mm). So what parts will I need to change to be able to use this slightly larger thickness.

Also, what sized acrylic sheets did you use to cut the parts from.

Decru on May 2, 2010 said:


For the most of it this won't be a problem.
It will be a problem when 2 or more pieces slide in each other.

But you can modify this in the dxf filles.

If you have a problem just post it


Anonymous on May 2, 2010 said:

Hi Cru,

Looks awesome. Pls let me know if I can attend the presentation.

Good luck amigo

Anonymous on May 1, 2010 said:

It looks like 7 of the files, when imported into CorelDraw, are loaded at the wrong perspective. Im not sure about how or why, but the file loads in and all you get are vertical lines. Almost as if the 3d panel was saved at a 90 degree angle so all you are seeing is a solid edge. Could you please fix? Thank you!

Decru on May 1, 2010 said:


in coreldraw you can change your vieuw.
You only see lines because I have created everything in 3D...

When you load a fille you should check witch result you get if
you change the vieuw to left instead of the original vieuw.

grtz Frederic Decru

(If i have time i will load my coreldraw fille onl

tombo9999 on May 1, 2010 said:

Working on a plexy-Mendel too, but with a differente approach.
Trying to keep original Mendel design as much as I can and mixing with a "MakerBottish" axis style.

Already downloaded your files, but I need some help to better understand.
Can I ask you some question by email?
Let me know.


Decru on May 1, 2010 said:


I you have a question go ahead and ask it
But I don't wheater I'll be able to answers it


2ROBOTGUY on May 1, 2010 said:

Amazing! Ponko will be busy. All there needs to be is a bowden extruder. Triple heads extruder here I come!

8-) Mark

Ben.Rockhold on May 1, 2010 said:

I cannot wait to laser cut this from the infinite scrap-acrylic supply my school gets.
The TEC club is going to love you eternally I think.

CidVilas on May 1, 2010 said:

Is there any post-processing after the parts are cut? or are they simply stack and bolt together?

Awesome work! This is exactly what a laser cuttable mendel should look like. :)

Decru on May 1, 2010 said:


Afther the parts are cut you just need to put
it all togheter. At the moment I'm working on a manuel.

When it's finished I'll put it online


MarcusWolschon on May 1, 2010 said:

I can
´t wait for the manual with list of nuts
amp;bolts needed. :)

Spacexula on May 1, 2010 said:

She is gorgeous!

Anonymous on May 1, 2010 said:

Nice work indeed!

dillinger on May 1, 2010 said:


Batist on May 1, 2010 said:

Nice work! ;-)