3D Catan Terrain Pieces

by JAWong, published

3D Catan Terrain Pieces by JAWong Jul 18, 2012


These prints are direct replacement terrain pieces for the orignal Settler of Catan board game but in 3D! It still requires you to own the complete game as these are only the base pieces for the board.
They have an added feature for semi-secure placement of the original number circlets, roads, and settlement/city. Everyone hates it when the board is accidently bumped!(sometimes on purpose ;p)
Also check out these awesome border tiles from rbuckbailey:
and these great water tiles from greko87:

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well.......this isn't too cool. Any way to stop this kind of thing? At least he could give credit to the designers.
Here the Borders for the Seafarer Expansion:

Is there a 5-6 player expansion set for the borders? Want to print the borders but would like to know if you or some else design the expansion borders to go with it.

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They are designed to be printed on hobbyst 3D printers. The intent is to print them with the corresponding filament color so little or no extra coloring is required.
Finally added some border tiles. It requires you to have at least a 10"x10" printing bed. I wanted to make several unique tiles but it was taking too much time so made then mostly the same. I will make new designs in the future:) The indents are for fish and harbor pieces.
Border1-2 Ver2 Rev1 (new)
Border2-3 Ver2 Rev1 (new)
Border3-4 Ver2 Rev1 (new)
Border4-5 Ver2 Rev1 (new)
Border6-1 Ver2 Rev1 (new)
Fish2-3-11-12 Ver2 Rev2(New, issues with thin walls during slicing)
Ore1 Ver2 Rev2 (STL fixed from MatthewLaBerge)
Desert1 Ver2 Rev1 (New)
Wood1 Ver2 Rev2 (removed floating artifacts thanks to MatthewLaBerge)
Sheep1 Ver2 Rev2 (removed floating artifacts)
Brick1 Ver2 Rev2 (removed floating artifacts)

well.......this isn't too cool. Any way to stop this kind of thing? At least he could give credit to the designers.
This comment has been deleted.
Is there a 5-6 player expansion set for the borders? Want to print the borders but would like to know if you or some else design the expansion borders to go with it.
Here the Borders for the Seafarer Expansion:

Catan 3D Seafarers Border Tiles
Fish??? Don't remember that.
Is there a tile for the Gold in Seafarers expansion? I printed the basic set and 5-6 player set, now looking to expand to the Seafarers edition.
This is very cool. Ive started printing them off. But could you put up the water tile?
Check out devonjones water tiles!
3D Catan Port Water Tile
Love the tile set! Ended up printing off half of the tiles, and used them with the full game. However...I printed off the border last night, and something seems off. I think it may be on my end, but the tiles don't quite fit the border as they should. Anyone else have this issue? And if not, anyone know how to fix this?
@JAWong Could you enlarge the path circles to fit both the city and settlement pieces? These pieces are amazing and I can't wait to print off a full set.
You could try out these road and city prints that fit on these tiles:


Enlarging them is quite a bit of work and I'm not sure when I would be able to do it.
Round-Base Catan Pieces
by Beskytt
Settlers of Catan Round Player Pieces
I am having trouble getting my wood tile to come out well. I get lots of strings on it. Does anyone have suggestions? I'm using PLA on a replicator 2.
This usually happens when the printer finishes one line of printing and moves to another line. The plastic continues to "ooze" from the extruder nozzle leaving the oozed plastic as strings. My printer software has a setting to retract the plastic while this happens. Look at your manual for the replicator to see if this setting is available.
These are pretty amazing! I'm printing a set now. Are you considering expanding this at all, like including water tiles?
Great work, one of the best models I've seen on Thingiverse!
Is anyone else having trouble printing the wood hex? All of the others print fine but I've failed 5 times with the wood hex. Is there a trick in the settings?
Are you failing during printing or during slicing?
I'm seeing an issue with the wood hex as well. Loading the tile up in Repetier-Host v.90C it's giving me a manifold error when I load the STL. If I try to slice it after that it just runs forever.
I'm having trouble slicing the wood tiles too. Using the newest rev of MakerWare for a Rep2.
Nevermind, second time I tried it sliced in like 10 minutes.
Ha, love the special little detail on the sheep tile.
I just noticed this too, was hoping I would be first post on it.
is there anyway to edit these files? I want to print them on my schools printers but it is pricey. I wanted to shell them out to cut down on plastic. Anyone have any suggestions?
Any chance you could split the boarders into two connectable pieces? so it can be printed on a smaller bed?
Will you add the two missing borders for the 5-6 player version?
These tiles are beautiful. Can you consider adding a hole for magnet connection to them so they stick togehter like this idea: kickstarter.com/projects/1330163305/hexels-the-completely-modular-settlers-of-catan-ga?ref=live ?
Yeah. Could you add holes for putting magnets in? Or could you upload your design-file, so one of us could make a remix?
I am currently experimenting with magnet-connections and it gives really good results.
I love these tiles! I've nearly done a full set, and built some round player pieces to fit in with these. Thanks for sharing this!
Congrats on this amazing set, JAWong, I am printing your pieces right now :-)
Brilliant - these look fantastic printed! Nice one :)
These are awesome!!! I'm having trouble slicing them with RepG though, anyone have thoughts? Maybe someone has Replicator2 GCode that they could share.
These  would be good for someone who has poor eyesight.
I had made a set using an Epilog laser.
I will buy a set off you. these are awesome
These are fantastic.  I definitely hope you make the borders and water tiles!
JAWong - in reply to SKG
Sorry, been really busy lately. The tiles have been a slow progress, also having problems getting them to slice properly (slic3r) due to the sizes of the models. I'll post a water tile and see if anyone has some settings suggestions. 
Any one try to make a version that is dual head printable?

if not would it be possible to get something like a .obj or something that Maya will open?

I can export them to .obj from my solidworks files. Never tried it, so not sure how well it exports. Let me know which file you'd like to try and I can post it.
How about the brick I think it would look really neat dual extruded. If that works then I can try someother ones :)
Nvrmnd, I figured out how to get Maya to import an stl.

Broke down the brick and will be trying a dual print soon.

Can't wait to print some of these!
I love it! It looks like these hex tiles are the same size as the original tiles (just over 90mm?) Have you test fit them with the original cardboard border?

Awesome work! I look forward to any other tiles you may do! (like gold, water nudge nudge ;) )
Thanks. They are slighlty smaller than the original pieces. I took off 0.15mm all around (0.3mm total). They should fit, but I haven't printed any yet.

I am working on replacement border, dessert, and the 2 water pieces (we mostly play the fish version). We do own most of the other expansions but haven't really played most of them lol, but I'll get around to making thwm if I can.
Hey I just wanted to let you know that there are artifacts in the sheep, brick and wood tiles. They are floating in space either above or below the tiles. There may be artifacts in the ore
amp; wheat tiles but they are not obviousl like the ones in the others. Not sure if there is a way for you to clean these up or not.
Found them and fixed! thanks again:)
Thanks, they are indeed fixed, can't wait to print them! =-X
i am having trouble getting the ore tile to skein, I am using Skeinforge 47 and all of the other tiles skeind perfectly but the ore tile just fails. Anyone else experiancing this?
I put them thru Repetier-Host V0.51 and it seems to be ok. I have yet to try out Skeinforge. I'll see if I have time to play around with it.
I ran the ore tile through netfabb cloud and the resulting file skeined up perfectly.

cloud.netfabb.com/download.php?key=1fb99701acfa3b66ce8933df6d9b2b4f521 49
Awesome ty!
Hmm... I checked meshes and patched all the holes before putting them thru repetier. I'll go through them again to see if I can find them. Thanks for the info.
I like how you moved the dots off centered.