Soda Bottle Pump Cap

by TomMatten, published

Soda Bottle Pump Cap by TomMatten Apr 30, 2010

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Ever open a 2 liter bottle of soda only to find it went flat:(. Well not anymore, my mission was to make the world a bubblier place:) My thing will allow one to pump air into a soda bottle to increase pressure so you lose less CO2 or better know as bubble\'s. Also could be used as a scientific tool as a pressurization/depressurization chamber. This is a prototype and may need tweaking if it doesn't work i know i can get it to by tweaking and maybe use of 1 o-ring.

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ok a few instructions are needed

item\'s needed other then a 3D printer = any soda bottle cap, a 3/4\" drill, and 1 other drill size between 1/4\" to 1/8\" should do fine, and a piece of balloon \"other materials could work as long as it can plug a hole air tight when under pressure\" also need Glue exp \"superglue\"

Steps 1. take soda bottle cap and 3/4\" drill carefully drill the very \"center\" trying not to destroy the outer rim of its seal plate.

  1. take the print \"3D model\" of (Bottle_Cap_Chamber_with_out_hole.stl) and the smaller drill between 1/4\" and 1/8\" and drill the hole in the center

  2. after that take (Bottle_Cap_Chamber_with_out_hole.stl) with the new hole you have drilled... cut a circular piece of \"balloon\" so that it can fit over the hole on the out side with extra slack.
  • READ CARFULLY then take the piece of balloon and glue it to the outside surface over hole (important it must be on the outside surface, that way the pressure in bottle forms the seal/ 1 way valve). Make shore you don\'t glue it completely. glue it so the balloon piece seats nicely over the hole but also will allow air to flow from inside to outside surface. \"glue it in 4 corner spots\" allow to dry.. that\'s the best i could explain it comment me if you don\'t get this part

4.then take that peace and put it into the soda bottle cap, the 3/4 hole you drilled, you should see that there\'s a lip that stops it from going all the way threw and glue that together completely making it air tight

5.Now take the print (bottle_cappiston.stl) and here\'s how to operate the pump effectively put the piston peace into the new bottle cap you made. you will see the piston part has a small hole that leads all the way down. As you push down on the piston cover the hole with your thumb, finger, or palms pushing air into the bottle, then let go of the hole when you lift piston up allowing air to enter the chamber and repeat.

Also you will only need 1 piston peace that\'s all you will need to pump up multiple caps because you can completely remove the piston and go to another bottle with the special cap :) \"still need to make the extra caps for more bottles just don\'t need to keep making the piston piece\"

Enjoy a more bubblier world

Add some pictures of the assembly process to clear up any confusion.

Pictures added