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Roll-A-Hedgehog-Uno by AdanA Jul 27, 2012

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Edit, 15 November 2012: I'm honored that the Winter 2013 Make: 3D PRINTER BUYERS GUIDE mentioned the Roll-A-Hedgehog (p20, illustrated on p2))... but I very strongly urge you NOT to use this as an infant toy unless you are paying very close attention. The body, if printed without scaling, is borderline large enough for safety. The wheels/axles, however, would definitely be choking hazards if they were to break. I've not had one break yet, but it's not impossible: that's a cross-layer feature.


Just a little hedgehog, rollin' along.

Thanks to everyone who test printed before I had a chance to do so. With your feedback, my first print of this rolled great!

By the way, the hedgehog profile was borrowed from a wood ramp walking hedgehog my parents brought back from a trip to the Czeck Republic. I'd like to render that printable too.

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Thanks! I still love it, even all these weeks later.

Very Nice!

Excellent, glad to hear it!

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Print and play!

I printed without acceleration, 15% fill, 0 extra shells. Less fill would probably still be plenty sturdy.

Note that my rendering is misleading: this is not set up for dualstrusion yet. I suppose with the right software you could extract the bodies and save separately?

Take precautions to preserve exterior surface finish: at this scale (~44mm long) there is a consistent 0.7mm gap between wheels and body. Any blobbing or such surface artifacts risks bridging that gap.

Using the scale function to increase overall size will increase this gap proportionally... but he'll be less cute.


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beekeeper on Dec 6, 2012 said:

Very Nice!

AdanA on Dec 6, 2012 said:

Thanks! I still love it, even all these weeks later.

randrews on Nov 15, 2012 said:

Worked perfectly straight off the bed. Cutest print ever!

AdanA on Nov 15, 2012 said:

Excellent, glad to hear it!

adamsbriand on Nov 14, 2012 said:

Per AdanA's suggestion, I scaled it to 60% of the original size.  I had to use some pliers to loosen the wheels after it had fully cooled, but it rolls!  And it's 40% cuter.

AdanA on Nov 14, 2012 said:

Nice! Technically, if you calculate by volume change instead of the linear scaling, it's 100% - (60%)^3 = 78.4% cuter! If I did the math right...

watsdesign on Jul 29, 2012 said:

almost good ^^'

AdanA on Jul 29, 2012 said:

Uh oh, does yours not work well? It looks good, for what that's worth!

I am finally getting a chance to print one for myself this afternoon. We'll see how this goes.

ffaat on Jul 29, 2012 said:

Printed nice at 1:1. Sliced with slic3r dev from git on a sells mendel with a. 5mm jhead at. 3mm layer hight. The wheels were stuck due to warping of the wheel holder edges but a bit of prying and trusting and they turn freely now.

Thanks for the cute toy!

ffaat on Jul 29, 2012 said:

Forgot to mention... Slic3r chewed through this in under 3 minutes...

laird on Jul 28, 2012 said:

Printed one, and couldn't pry the wheels loose. It's pretty small, perhaps 1.5 inches long, so I've doubled size and am printing another one. Fingers crossed!

AdanA on Jul 28, 2012 said:

Okay... reposted. Thanks for being a hedgehog guinea pig :-)

AdanA on Jul 28, 2012 said:

Yeah, it's definitely tiny as posted. I printed the minifig cart at that size and was amazed the wheels still worked.

I modeled it in SolidWorks... hastily! I'll take another whack at it. I used a cavity function, which, in retrospect, creates a uniform gap around the wheels at a normal, which means the horizontal gap varies. I'll try a different method.

laird on Jul 28, 2012 said:

Printing at double size, I can see that there doesn't appear to be a gap between the wheels and body. At least, skeinforge appears to see the two shapes as joined, to the point where it's laying out a solid horizontal (parallel to the build plate) layer about 20% of the way up that runs across the wheels and into the body. I'm letting it finish, because perhaps I can break the layers apart, but I'm far from certain that'll work.

Can you perhaps rendering it again, with a wider gap between the two? What did you model it in?

laird on Jul 28, 2012 said:

So CUTE! Printing...

AdanA on Jul 28, 2012 said:

Thanks! I'm jealous. I gotta get back to my machine soon.

Hope it printed/rolled ok.