Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

Black Dynamite - Space Marine Bobblehead

by tbuser, published

Black Dynamite - Space Marine Bobblehead by tbuser Aug 20, 2012


Black Dynamite keeping the final frontier safe for all you space turkeys.

All plastic (including the spring), posable, and easily customizable. (make your own heads, arms, hands, weapons, jetpacks and snap them on) If you have a Kinect, get ReconstructMe and make your own space marine bobblehead!

This is a work in progress because a few of the parts still have some ugly overhangs that need more work, but it works as is. The spring could also be shorter and the head bigger.

Video: http://www.flickr.com/photos/tbuser/7826022978/

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woahhh!!! thank you! so nice!
Thanks for making the easily hackable space marine body!
Amazing!!! Love the gun. 8-)

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You'll need to print 1 of everything, 2 shoulders, and 8 pinpegs.

Don't print the assembly stl, I just uploaded that to see a pretty rendering.

ProTip: use a pair of pliers to help pop the spring into place.

<p>woahhh!!! thank you! so nice!</p>

<p>Amazing!!! Love the gun. 8-)</p>

<p>Thanks for making the easily hackable space marine body!</p>

<p>This is awesome!</p>