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MakerBot Watch by MakerBot Nov 21, 2012

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Hey Watch it.

The Design Team over here at MakerBot have perfected the art of making links for this MakerBot Watch that print in place without needing to be assembled. Once removed from the build plate, they move freely, and can be taken apart and snapped back together. Feel free to download the design and adapt it for your own purpose.

Other awesomeness:

• Mix and match your favorite colors to create an awesome watch for any occasion! Contrast the band with the pop-out bezel, or make links in multiple colors for an interesting two-tone band.
• An assembled version of the MakerBot Watch is available for sale at the MakerBot retail store!

Created by Matt Kroner, John Briscella, and John Dimatos

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to get a WORKING MakerBot watch............Go online to MOMA (museum of modern art )
there you will find the watch for sale......me thinks it is about $60.

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MakerBot Watch by MakerBot is licensed under the Creative Commons - Attribution license.

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For best results, print with the following settings:


Infill = 0
Layer Height = .25
Shells = 0

Everything Else:

Infill = 10
Layer Height = .25
Shells = 1

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MakerBot Watch by MakerBot is licensed under the Creative Commons - Attribution license.
to get a WORKING MakerBot watch............Go online to MOMA (museum of modern art )
there you will find the watch for sale......me thinks it is about $60.
I made a clone of these links that print side by side but not connected. Once you put them together they're really rigid and hold alot better thingiverse.com/thing:31902
Printed, and while it looks great, the links didn't hold together well - they're just held by little bumps that fit into little dents, but not strongly enough to wear, at least with the relatively soft ABS I printed with. PLA is stiffer, so that might work better. But given that the parts are printed assembled, and there has to be a gap between them, I don't see how it could be a really solid fit.

Perhaps it would be better to print them separately and then assemble them? Then they could be exact fits, without leaving a gap, which might allow the bumps to fit into the holes more snugly.Alternatively I'm wondering whether it'd be possible to print the parametric belt http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:33911 small enough to work as a watch band. That belt has the parts permanently linked, which should be stronger. The challenge would be making the pins through the links print well at a much smaller size. Might be a fun tuning/calibration challenge.Alternatively, perhaps the links could be threaded together? I've seen bracelets made from links threaded onto elastic, which could work for a watch. Not as cool as 100% printed, I suppose, but a lot stronger, and you'd really only see the printed parts, since the elastic is inside the links. Hmm.
This watch band is a joke.  I've printed it with the recommended settings and the links just do not hold together  at all.  Frankly I don't see how they could given the design.  I'm going to explore other watch bands to see if I can get better results with them.
Nice, very simular to the lego watch :)
This is amazing!
I'm printing the watch currently..  The ends curled up a bit, so I need to redo the clasp.  Do you have the .stl file for just the closed end of the clasp?
Lol, Guess not....  :(
I chopped it up on TinkerCad for you:
Yeah, I'm "watching" it.

So what watch mechanism will fit into this? Is this sort of thing standardized?
laird - in reply to laird
A few questions:
- You mention that it's for sale "online or at the MakerBot retail store" but I don't see it listed either in the line store or the MakerBot retail store.
- Can you say what watch mechanism this is designed for? I'm going to print this band, but it needs a mechanism to be _really_ cool. Or do you plan to sell watch mechanisms the way you sell MP3 player electronics?
gth - in reply to laird
You could use this derivative - 

...and thereby use an iPod nano (6th gen) as the watch mechanism.  
laird - in reply to gth
Very cool, thanks!