NinTastic - Nintendo Style Case for the Raspberry Pi

by tastic007, published

NinTastic - Nintendo Style Case for the Raspberry Pi by tastic007 Apr 23, 2014


NinTastic - Nintendo Style Case for the Raspberry Pi

  • The NinTastic case for a Raspberry Pi prints in 3 pieces that can easily snap together:
    1. Top
    2. Bottom
    3. Flap
  • Alternative flap file without the NinTastic logo here also for convenience.
  • Designed in Tinkercad.

NinTastic - Inputs and Outputs

The NinTastic case holds a Raspberry Pi: Model B and is super easy to hookup. The inputs and outputs are:

NinTastic - Inputs

NinTastic - Outputs

NinTastic - Inputs and Outputs - Images

NinTastic - Inputs and OutPuts - Overview
NinTastic - Inputs and OutPuts - Front
NinTastic - Inputs and OutPuts - Back


RetroPie - Raspberry Pi based Video Game System

This case was designed specifically in creating a RetroPie gaming system, which combines a number of video game emulator technologies into a single Raspberry Pi based solution.

RetroPie - combines these technologies:

  1. Raspberry Pi - the hardware
  2. EmulationStation - the GUI menu that lets you browse between emulator systems (e.g. Nintendo, Sega Genesis, PlayStation 1, ...) and select ROMs to play. This then loads the correct emulator to play that ROM.
  3. RetroArch - the emulator used by most systems within the RetroPie
  4. ES-Scraper - the game box cover art and information scraping utility.

RetroPie - More Info:

RetroPie - Guides and Tutorials

EmulationStation - graphical front-end installed by RetroPie

Menu that lets you switch between game systems (e.g. Nintendo, Sega, ...)

EmulationStation - Example Screenshots:

EmulationStation - Example - Nintendo

EmulationStation - Example - MAME

EmulationStation - Example - PlayStation1

ES-Scraper - the scraping script that identifies ROMs and downloads the box art, description, etc.

More Image and Box Art Help

ROM – File Naming, Renaming, Organizing

Cowering's GoodTools - ROM Renaming Tools

ROMS - Finding Game ROMs - Download Sites

SD Card - RetroPie Image Help

SD Card - RaspPi Image Writing/Reading Guidance

SD Card Image – Adding Files Directly

Fix Issue – RetroPie Freeze at the Splash Screen - Corrupt SD Card File System

Sometimes if you are directly writing files to the SD card as described above, or if you unplug the NinTastic without first shutting it down, the SD card’s file system can get a little messed up causing this problem. No worries, its an easy fix.

To Fix:

  1. Plug regular USB keyboard into Raspberry Pi, and reboot (pull power plug and plug back in).
  2. At frozen splash screen Press F4 to breakout of freeze into command prompt. Then type these two commands (pressing enter afterward):
    • fsck.ext4 -y /dev/mmcblk0p2
    • sudo shutdown -h now
    • Note, you might have to sortof type in blind. Screen might be weird, but trust that your typing is actually being entered.
  3. More info: Raspberrypi.stackexchange.com - latest-noobs-goes-into-panic-after-rainbow-splash

SD Card - Expand Image to Take Up Remaining Space

  • To expand SD card image to take up remaining space on the SD Card. Example, you have a 16GB SD card .img file you’ve put onto a 32GB SD card. To expand the filesystem to take advantage of the rest of the space:
    • sudo raspi-config
    • pick "1" to expand SD card filesystem

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I wish there was a way to hide the power cable.Kind of ugly coming out of the front, makes the whole thing seem backwards. But otherwise I love it!

Can you use the Raspberry PI 2

Do one for the b+ 2

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  • The NinTastic case for a Raspberry Pi prints in 3 pieces that can easily snap together:
    1. Top
    2. Bottom
    3. Flap


Step 1:

First, print all 3 pieces (top, bottom, and flap).

Step 2:

Step 2a (optional):

Step 3:

  • Carefully attach the Top to the Bottom. Start from the back and work your way to the front for sliding in the little snaps that will hold the Top and Bottom together. I suggest fitting in the corners in this order:
    1. Back – HDMI side
    2. Back – non-HDMI side
    3. Front – non-HDMI side
    4. Front – HDMI side

Order to connect top to bottom

Step 4:

Carefully slide the Flap into the Top, line up with 2 holes already in the Top piece.

Two color flap (different color NinTastic logo)

Print Times – on a MakerBot Replicator 2


  • Standard Quality (with rafts) – 1 hr 46 min


  • Standard Quality (with rafts) – 2 hr 31 min


  • Face up for 2 colors (with rafts and supports):
  • Standard Quality – 32 min (pause at 96% 30 min to switch color for logo)
  • High Quality – 1 hr 3 min (pause at 96% 1 hour to switch color for logo)

Hardware – Known to Work with the NinTastic

Raspberry Pi – Model B

32GB / 64GB SD Card:

HDMI Cable:


Rasp Pi Case

Travel Case:

NinTastic - Travel Case

NinTastic - Travel Case - Open

I wish there was a way to hide the power cable.Kind of ugly coming out of the front, makes the whole thing seem backwards. But otherwise I love it!

Can you use the Raspberry PI 2

A user named schmots randomly released a sped-up video of 3D printing my NinTastic case:"Time-lapse 3D print of NinTastic Raspberry Pi case" - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t9uKuJrd33U. Funny, that's the exact music I had playing in my head when I designed it too :) Just kidding. Cool video though.

Oct 27, 2014 - Modified Oct 27, 2014

I love these!

Have you seen these, the original POWER and RESET switch assemblies?


Awesome, just bought a few to try to integrate into the next version of the NinTastic.

I just got my B+ in the mail.. it totally won't work.

I'll redesign this for the B+.

I wish I would have read your comment I have a B+ also, and it is a no go. Would also be nice to have the HDMI port accessible. I hope this gets a redesign.

Please post the remix when you do, I was going to do the same when I got around to building my emulator. You should make it a bit bigger so the ports don't stick out, and so the power line can be run around the back inside the case.

I'm almost done with the redesign. I couldn't use any of the existing designs and had to design the entire thing from scratch.

All ports are accessible and the fit is really nice. I'm just breaking apart the case for printing without supports and making it clip together. I also still need to design the lid which is a bit tricky.

The placement of the b+ ports make this a little more difficult to design than the original b but I've got the USB/Ethernet under the lid, MicroSD out the back, and HDMI, power, and 3.5mm out the left.

It's looking fantastic though!

Check it out: http://imgur.com/U3490tk

I should hopefully be done sometime next week.

Can't wait to print out your new design, It looks nice!

I just published it!


When you print it out, tag it as a make so I can check it out!

BabyNES Raspberry Pi B+ case

<clap> <clap> <clap> It does look fantastic. I can't wait to try it out :)

Has anyone tried this with a B+?

Can PLA be used to make this?

That's what I used

Did anyone else have a slicing error on the base with the logo?