Stubby hand drill driver / screwdriver

by EricYoung, published

Stubby hand drill driver / screwdriver by EricYoung Sep 27, 2012

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A different shaped/sized handle from Jasonwelsh's design: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:30116

I've wanted one of these for a while (they're awesome for cleaning out holes in your plastic parts with a drill bit) and loved Jason's idea of using washers to weigh the driver handle. This one is designed to fit the specific chuck I bought - a Skil brand keyless chuck.

I ended up nixing the 608z bearing and flipping the 'Bearing Nub' cap because I really liked the feel that way.


Copied/pasted these instructions from jasonwelsh's page and updated them for the T-nut install instead of tapping:

You will need

1 inch long 5/16-18 bolt
qty of about 2-5 5/16inch washers (depending on the weight you want)
5/16-18 T-nut
608z Bearing
Soldering iron

Everyone that uses the Metric System that are smarter than Americans. Yes I am an opressed metric American.
25mm long M8 Bolt
qty of about 2-5 M8 washers (depending on the weight you want)
M8 T-nut
608Z bearing
Soldering iron

For the hand drill you will need the 1/4 chuck adapter found in most hardware stores. Metric people ... hmm have no clue if you have such a thing.


Using the Soldering iron, install the T-nut in the back-end of the Handle as shown in the pictures. The thin support rings at the base should smoosh down from the heat so that the T-nut ends up being recessed a bit from the bottom of the handle.

If you don't know how to install T-nuts and threaded inserts using a soldering iron it's super easy - just look here:

Place the bearing and 3 washers on bolt.
Screw bolt into handle
Place handle nub over bearing

If you want the chuck to be permanently installed on the handle just stick some epoxy inside the hex hole in the handle before inserting the chuck.


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Where do I get the chuck?

Some hardware stores have them, some don't. I'd call places like ACE hardware, Sears, maybe Home Depot. 

Different brands are generally the same, so as long as you get one with a 1/4 inch hex stud/shank you're probably fine, though I think the stud length might differ from one brand to the next.

The exact keyless chuck I used is this one: http://www.amazon.com/Skil-92170-Keyless-Chuck/dp/B000KKUUKAhttp://www.amazon.com/Skil-921...

Metric Americans Unite!

Is it possible to occupy a standardized system of units?

Lol... Good chuckle. 

Brother I too am a repressed metric American too.  I think in metric for my measurements ever since I hit the cad programs as I don't do anything in imperial unless I see it some place then I will input it in my cad program and let it convert it to never reference the imperial system again.  So much more precise.

Those were actually words copied from Jasonwelsh's original instructions, but yeah... Imperial units suck eggs. Stupid, stupid eggs.

When I was in 4th grade I know we were all being told that metric was about to be the national standard and we were being taught metric due to that. This was in 1974 and along came Ronald Reagan who officially killed metric in the USA. :( I was so sad when that happened and did an about face considering the rest of the world is using metric. Now that was almost 30 years ago that he killed it so why hasn't any politician tried to get us back on track yet?

Oh and to try to answer your question - I don't think politicians here in the US like to implement any changes that have immediate detrimental effects and long-term positive effects. This is because it's in their own best interest to make things better now, while they're in office, and not 10 years down the line when they've been forgotten and someone else will get the credit.

It's just the nature of the game in our system. All political systems have their own flaws and this is one of our worst as far as I'm concerned.

Ahhh, yes but back way way back when we had Statesmen in DC now we have politicians and there is a difference. Difference is that the former thinks of the country beyond all else and the latter thinks of themselves (and reelection) before all else.

That's very interesting, I wonder if Reagan somehow associated metric with the communism since it was during the Cold War? That may seem ridiculous, but there were a lot of idiotic ideas going around at the time... for example it was a pretty popular notion among certain crowds that all left-handed people were communists. 

I've actually encountered people during recent years who defend Imperial units as if they're somehow tied into social values here in the USA. It's unbelievable how people can personalize something that is so obviously an objective reality. Or at least about as close to an objective reality as anything can be.  IMO, the amount of time, effort and money (and even lives I think, if taken to an extreme) that could be saved if we went to metric would be worth many, many times the cost of the initial hiccup our economy would face if we made the switch. 

steps off soap box

Yes, I find it horrible though I was for Reagan both times he ran but I was firmly against that action. You could be right and I do believe, if memory serves me right, that was the common belief that it was a communist thing to subvert our nation so that is probably why it was killed off. So many times I go to do something and have to have SAE and Metric because they will both be in whatever item it is I am taking apart (especially cars). Having to have both Metric and SAE slows everything down in manufacturing and this is the one thing I really believe that should be uniformed across the globe. Not much else do I but this is due to safety and man hours wasted over something as trivial as this.

Yeah, I was kinda fishing with my comment about Reagan, but I think I've heard something about how the Metric system was seen in a communist light and that's what prompted my comment. Whatever the reason may be, it's still seems like a total waste as you say.