Printrbot + Upgrades [X-bridge, Extruder Mount, Y-Clips...]

by PolakiumEngineering, published

Printrbot + Upgrades [X-bridge, Extruder Mount, Y-Clips...] by PolakiumEngineering Sep 23, 2012


These files include all of the parts I designed for improving my printrbot.

For a complete description of my modifications read here: polakiumengineering.org/?p=1905


The final revision is now uploaded, all of the tolerances should be perfect for properly configured printrbots.

9/24/12 - X-stop is fixed in place, non-adjustable
10/04/12 - Motor mount now compatible with 28mm 36 Tooth GT2 Pulley
10/09/12 - Added LME12UU compatible parts. (See notes)
03/01/13 - Replaced by V2.0

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Can you please tell me what slicer you're using? I'm dying to know!

I was not aware about your parts they look fantastic.Well done.

Hi. I print on simple beta V2 all my parts for my next printer(printrbot Plus).http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1699.... I just want to ask you if I need to change the settings for my printrboard since I will connect 2 stepper engines for Z axis instead of one.Thanks

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For more pictures and complete build instructions go here:


- If the alignment of the Z-stop is off, heat the arm of the motor mount with a torch/lighter/heat gun, then bend and hold the arm to its proper alignment until cooled.

- Tolerances for the length of the LME12UU bearings are very close. Fitting the bearings may require additional finishing. One way of setting the bearings is to soften the plastic with a torch/lighter/heat gun before pressing the bearings into place.


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mza1979m on Nov 2, 2013 said:

Can you please tell me what slicer you're using? I'm dying to know!

EpicFail on Jan 27, 2013 said:

Hey there, Im doing some test prints of this so i can see how well my settings are before i make a committed piece. I noticed your prints in the photos look very translucent. Is this the material at 100%? Or is it fairly hollow to a certain %?

In short I guess i'm asking what infill and solid layer/wall thicknesses did you use?

avalero on Jan 11, 2013 said:

Are these parts european metric?

PolakiumEngineering on Jan 12, 2013 said:

All of the parts use the same hardware (imperial standards) that is provided with the PrintrBot +, however, I designed the parts in metric and they should work fine with M3 or M3.5 bolts in place of the #6-32 hardware.

vsquared on Nov 8, 2012 said:

Finally finished printing this for my bot and it is amazing, I have been eyeing this for a long time before my printrbot plus came. Only had a few issue like my hot end was higher up than the lower x carriage screw, so it would hit the bed before the the ubis could. It was at least 5 millimeters of a difference so I had to file it down, thus loosing that entire spot to screw. I did mend that plastic portion together and have been running for a week with no wear or splitting. Also in your instructions you have an adjustable x end stop while the posted file here is static, I'm losing about 10 or 15 mm in x bed length.

Other than that I have been very extremely impressed with all of your designs and upgrades. I changed over to this and have not looked back!

PolakiumEngineering on Nov 8, 2012 said:

It's great to hear you like the upgrades. They take quite some time to print, but once complete they work very well. I must have gone through nearly 2kgs of plastic before getting the final design tolerances right, but I have found that my printer never requires adjustment and prints very consistently using the upgrades. I am aware of the issues with the hot end clearance and end stop location, but I'll explain my reasoning:

1) The hot end clearance is about 2-3mm on my printrbot using the laser cut extruder. Other extruders may be shorter and the lower tab will need to be removed for enough clearance. Regardless, I have incorporated the fourth bolt hole for added security of the bearings.

2) Even with an adjustable end stop, my extruder motor will hit the Z-rod. I also had problems with printed adjustable end stop parts breaking at the bolt hole, so I decided to fix the location of the end stop about 15mm inwards for the sake of simplicity. 

I may eventually fix these in a new version with the extruder mounted farther forward and closer to the bed, but that may present other issues...

RobL on Nov 8, 2012 said:

Any chance you could incorporate the quick-fit x carriage by rich rapidly into this? Or maybe post the X mount m1 and m2 design files?

PolakiumEngineering on Nov 8, 2012 said:

I'll look into it if I find the time, but I see no reason why the entire quick-fit x-carriage won't work with my upgraded x-bridge. The end stop may need to be modified or adjusted, but the rest should remain compatible.

aphero on Oct 8, 2012 said:

Hi there, is there any chance that these upgrades would work with an LC version (not the plus) and if not would it be possible for you to make an LC set.

PolakiumEngineering on Oct 10, 2012 said:

I'll consider it if I have some free time to take on another project. I will need the following dimensions:

Accurate and precise measurements are very important. I would suggest using digital calipers and measuring in mms.

1) Threaded and smooth rod diameters
2) Height and diameter of the threaded rod nut (side to side, not edge to edge)
3) Z-bearing diameter and length
4) Distance between threaded and smooth rod (measured center to center at the base of the rods)
5) Diameter of the bolt and bolt head used for the belt pulley.
6) Distance between the smooth X-rods (center to center)
7) Distance between smooth Z-rods (measured across the base)
8) length of the smooth X-rods

There are probably more dimensions, but I can't think of them at the moment. Feel free to email me, you can find contact info on my website.

xavuri on Oct 4, 2012 said:

+ 1 on Viper.
I also would like an LME12UU version please!

Viper on Oct 2, 2012 said:

Nice upgrades. Any chance you could enlarge the X-Bridge items to take the LME12UU bearings?

PolakiumEngineering on Oct 4, 2012 said:

What are the differences in size between the LM12UU and LME12UU? Just a slightly larger outer diameter (22mm vs 21mm)?