ManSpider redux

by cerberus333, published

ManSpider redux by cerberus333 Nov 3, 2012


I made a version that only had 6 legs
I was correctly informed of my error (thanks 3Daybreaker)
so i made a new eight legged version.

Modeled in Sculptris

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ok i made a more real (well as much a that means)
head is now more a forward extension of the upper body
also the limbs are thicker which hopefully will print without issues

Y're my hero "-)

I will look over some spider stuff and make a more "real" one soon

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I ran several test prints and the legs
failed on different legs each time.
i suspect the cold garage is making the failures as they
are not consistently in the same spot.
for now I leave this in WIP status. I think the model
itself is sound, but I don't want to mislead as
my results are not good and consistent.


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3daybreaker on Jan 10, 2013 said:

Hi Cerberus, are you open for one more biological arachnoid remark?
Be advised that arachnids generally are evolved with a 2-segment shape. One segment for the body, one for the head.
Your "Redux" has added the head as a surplus, creating the 3rd segment. It is nice, but for nature-compatibility, maybe when you have some spare time, create a Redux-V2 where the head replaces the middle segment?
I definitely would be printing that as an honour to you :-)
rgrds Thomas

cerberus333 on Jan 10, 2013 said:

I will look over some spider stuff and make a more "real" one soon

3daybreaker on Nov 15, 2012 said:

I kept my promise, so now you can see a printed version :-)

The Spider is very good designed. The leg problem looks like this:
while cooling after the layer, the legs tend to stretch-up a bit, so the next layer, the nozzle will hit it so it falls over.

I added a one layer (0.3mm) base to it, to keep all the legs to the platform. This went well. Still, every now and then, the legg will be touched, but now they can't fall over. The extruder wil spil the plastic, but next layer it will correct itself.

The base comes off easy......

Thanks for this graet design



cerberus333 on Nov 16, 2012 said:


3daybreaker on Nov 9, 2012 said:

Although still work in progress, I gave it a try. You did not design it NOT to be printed did you?

However, I have the same issues with the legs.
To save filament I scaled down 50% but legs are so small they do not stick to the bed and get thrown over. (As you can see)

Details seem ok BTW.

I might retry on full size.

I think a Raft would be better, but I can not add raft in my Slic3r.



3daybreaker on Nov 9, 2012 said:

Well Cerberus,

I am honoured that you have taken notice of my (positive) remark about spiders not being insects :-)

I will do you the hounor to try to print one in my own garage. Maybe my garage is more forgivving