Totem Pole kit 01

by cerberus333, published

Totem Pole kit 01 by cerberus333 Nov 5, 2012


totem pole one piece is the top by design you decide which order to assemble the rest! Stack it up, knock it down! or glue it together.

Modeled in sculptris and Treuspace 5

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Nice, need fix the base file.. Thanks

full disclosure. My print Has really strong magnets I epoxied to the bottom so it stands very stable on a metal object. but if It was as big as you are intending I would need some really big magnets!

ty your awesome

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Took a long time slicing the file totemkit.stl

I am adding the individual elements separately.

Included the g-code and s3g files because it tool so long to slice. These files are specific to the replicator with the accelerated setup (Marlin) It pretty much fills the build plate. my settings for the code and print were 0% infill 2 shells .27 slice 230 degrees 80mm/sec

Also i did this in skeinforge (50) settings, fill Solid Surface Thickness (layers) i have set to 5. seems to help on the flat topped models (sometimes anyhow)

for non replicator printers, either resize and slice the totemkit.stl (if you want all the pieces in one print) or use the seperate stl files and size them the same for consistency ( or not if you just want a specific part) I have added a cut up eagle to allow the wings to fit for a larger scaled print ( i had a comment that they wished they could print this as big as possible)

my print is very light for it's size (106 grams). The fully assembled totem is over 41cm / 16 inches I glued mine and put magnets on the base. it will stand without a base, but it is top heavy. some base mounting would be advisable if gluing.

Nice, need fix the base file.. Thanks

ok so iam making this about 32 inches high iam trying to figure out how to do a base for it any ideas?

I added a base but i did not size it, so you can use it and resize. Or just use a wooden base and glue it to it. a slice of a log would be a good fit.

ty your awesome

full disclosure. My print Has really strong magnets I epoxied to the bottom so it stands very stable on a metal object. but if It was as big as you are intending I would need some really big magnets!

sucks i can make the middle peices platform size but i can only make the one with wings 145% scale :( i wanna have a huge totem!! :)

this is awesome i just wish i could make the peice with the wings as big as i can make the others i can maker others like 345% bigger that there max size

I added a eagle with the wings cut and put side by side with the head/torso in the middle. hopefully that will allow you to make the build as big as you want. If this works Please do post a pic!

let me find the original and i'll cut the top up for a glue up

I added a couple features to the fill plugin in skeinforge, based on the issues I had with printing out these totems with flat tops. The details and plugin are here:


But basically, you can just set the top and bottom thickness you want in mm, and skeinforge will adjust the amount of solid surface layers to match, based on your current layer thickness. It works great for me.

This looks like a really useful plugin. I am still using marlin, and the craft_plugins dir/folder has a http://fill.pyfill.py already. I am renaming the existing one and putting the new one in and will try it out.

BTW i did load the http://fill.pyfill.py and did see the new checkbox etc. I haven't tried the cup feature, but that is the one I am most likely to start with. I am working on an idea for shot glasses and the solid to hollow is the path I am looking to use.will update once i get to it.

update: made a cup using the plugin and it worked really well.

add some pin connectors for more fun!

This is genius can I get a "feature" over here?  :-)

 not sure what you mean by feature? what did you have in mind?

 I meant for this "Thing" to be featured. :-)

 Thanks for the vote!

You are making cool stuff faster than I can print it.  Keep up the good work man!

Thanks,  Faster than I can print it too! I need a few printers!!!

Now that I've got my printer tuned I'm starting to get through the backlog of things I've been wanting to print.

 i built a printrbot jr but i have issues with getting my com port setup (ugh!) was hoping to have that as a backup/second. I also have to install sailfish on my replicator. The storm/blackout did loose me a week.

I'm glad you are back in business after the storm.  

There are so many posts in the Jetty/sailfish google group it is mind boggling.  

Just today I figured out the problem with my late model TOM I have the later MK7 extruder so I have to load the Skeinforge for TOM but the acceleration settings for the Replicator.