SWU Kit 1 - Jabba's Rancor. (posable figure)

by Geoffro, published

SWU Kit 1 - Jabba's Rancor. (posable figure) by Geoffro May 23, 2014

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Just didn't have the personal time to complete this project sorry :/ but at least a Rancor came out of it :)


***How to Print:*** Parts: Print as you wish, as a whole plate or in pieces, or in sections - all files are included. ***Infill***: 10% infill on all parts except the arms I suggest at 30% to support the underneath of the balljoint. The hands and forearms need to be sturdy. ***Shells***: No more than 2, if you do you will need to slightly sand the balls to get them to fit in the joints. this is designed with a high tolerance to print at 0.2mm or below. After being inspired for so long by the ***dutchmogul's*** desktop gaming designs, I decided to try my hand at making my own - But that's not this game.. (I apologize in advance for the wall of text) In the breaks I was taking making my own game and other work, I started messing around with some ideas for a Star Wars Desktop game (and also the modelling practice doesn't hurt!) Star Wars Unlimited. Sure, the name isn't original, but it does have a valid meaning here in that having 3D printers, we are not really limited to what we create, so unlike other Star Wars games, there really is no limit to the size that it can grow to, effectively ongoing. Growing up in the 70's and 80's this sort of technology would have been just awesome, but on the other hand I am glad my children get to experience it first hand, sometimes it makes you feel like Santa and having your own workshop, with a machine full of little elves. ***Kit #1*** contains the very start of this project - Jabba's Rancor. Able to be printed in one sheet or in pieces, with nothing more than snap together parts. The idea of this is to print and paint as easily as possible, for anyone. All parts will be designed to double as small dioramas for those who which not to play the game, but just to print out some cool Star wars stuff. I also will be putting some youtube tutorials on my method to quickly paint these models. This Rancor pictured was painted in under 45 minutes, with one paintbrush and 5 colours of cheap acryllic paint. Black, Brown, White, Red, Yellow. It was not sanded or finished in anyway. The Rancor is one of the larger kits, so I figured I would release it first, the other kits contain many figures and dioramas rather than just the one. While this might seem like a pretty big undertaking, the truth is I've been modelling and collecting sci fi and 3d models for decades, every item is already made either by me or someone else over the past 20 odd years. It's more the matter of cleaning them up, sculpting them and making them print ready - yes I am definitely open to requests. For me it's all practice and I enjoy the learning process. This rancor was sculpted based on the AMT Rancor vinyl model kit, I am still working on the chains and the wrist cuff for the rancor, those will be in another kit. Before I procrastinate more, I need to state for the record I am a classic Star Wars fan. This does not mean I hate Jar Jar binks (well... maybe I do, hate is a strong word) but I have to say I am not a massive Clone Wars fan either. This doesn't mean I may not cover other timelines in additional Game sets, but for now this will be set in the period from EP IV to EP VI - purely to keep me motivated :) ***Rules and Specs:*** Rules and Specs are TBA, I can forsee people may want to give input so I will wait until I post this. If no ones interested then I will just use my original plan :p The SWU Desktop Game is a hex based standard strategy desktop game, the initial playset consisting of 3 Factions - The Hutt's / Neutral, Rebel and Imperial Alliances. I had a tough time deciding on rules and statistics considering the abundance of SW games already available, so I picked something that I knew and I knew well, and something that doesn't exist anymore. The Star Wars Galaxies system, mainly Pre-NGE, but instead of being sole character based, you are building up your decided faction in a bid to control Tatooine and it's surrounding systems. Each factions pieces include a hex base, displaying either the Rebel, Imperial or Hutt/Neutral faction. Star Wars Galaxies was a great Online game (sure they had hiccups) but sadly, after 8 years the licensing from Sony ran out and Bioware/EA scooped it up and continued with Star Wars, the Old Republic, which even more sadly to me seems like a generic MMO with Lightsabers - but that's a rant for another day. SWG was a great game with a great combat system and character development, and since it's gone I thought I would revive a little piece of it, even if only in spirit. ***The Game Scale:*** The Scale of this kit is effectively be 64% of your standard Star Wars figures. The small characters will be single piece and anything larger than 2Hex blocks will have posable joints. Some items may be off scale simply due to the sheer size - this would include things like Star Destroyers and Calamari Cruisers. I am modelling all of these in Blender, I have put zbrush aside for now. I have been using Blender for so long, I can work much faster and the workflow for me seems more intuitive. Don't get me wrong, Zbrush is phenomenal, I'm just a noob with it at the moment. I am going for mid-poly count. So not super hi-res, but clear enough for painting. The Rancor by itself is around 12mb which worked out alot less than I was aiming for. I already have Kits#2, #3 and #4 completed which will be rolled out soon. Each faction will have a total of 12 kits each to complete their entire base force, making a total of 36 Kits, and then there will be additionals later on like transporters and more dioramas. Having collected and painted a billion dioramas from AMT models for years, I have a good concept of the actual physical end-product that I am trying to achieve. ***Kit #2*** is coming soon, and contains Jabba, his throne, Parts 1&2 of the Palace interior diorama, his annoying sidekick Salacious crumb and a few other Palace favourties. I am still working on the best print quality for the small figures - I have become a fan of the 28mm sizing, so the humanoid figures are that size - which works pretty much scale to this rancor.It is my hope that people will pick a faction and go for that one, and their friends another one and they go and print them out and battle away - or of course print them all out yourself, but essentially I made/am making this to play with my kids. It took me some time to convince them Star Wars really used to be good (after they saw phantom menace...) I'm hoping this might restore their faith in the force. ***To interested parties:*** I am doing this solo, so it will be done as I have the time. If there is anyone that would like to join me in making some of the parts, I can give you a list of the planned kits and you can see if you can possibly knock something over, or you want to make something small and we can include it! email me at [email protected]

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Beautiful model!

Thinking about why there aren't more Makes:

1) People tend not to print Makes on Thingiverse. I've published things that I know lots of people are making, because they email or message me, but very few get around to taking photos and uploading them. So don't take 'no makes' as an indication that people don't like it. If you're in lots of collections and have lots of likes (which you do) that's probably more relevant.

2) It looks challenging to print, which might intimidate people into not trying the print:

  • The parts look like they're not designed to be easily 3d printed, so they'll need lots of support, which is intimidating to many people. If you posted a pic of what some of the parts look like on the print bed, that might help people overcome that concern.
  • The parts are packed several to a file, so I can't try to orient them individually for print. Can you break them into one file per object?

3) And, of course, it's described as parts for a game, but there's no game. So perhaps people are waiting for that?

As a suggestion, if you want to promote your sets and game, keep releasing parts this impressive, and in each one link to the others so each one boosts the previous ones. That approach worked well for DutchMogul!

SOOO excited to see this develop. Let me know if you need gameplay beta testers. The wife and I would love to give it a shot.

If you have any ideas for actual gameplay mechanics I'd love to hear them, for now i'm just basing it loosely on an online game structure, where you have your main character each and build your respective side that way. The only thing I've set in stone is that between each faction, there will be 5 main characters to choose as your leader, obviously possessing different strengths and weaknesses. I plan on printing armour and other things that can be bought and added to characters later on for upgrades to stats etc, so rather than it all being paper driven it is just as visual.

what software did you use to design this amazing piece?

Blender, it's a very full featured program and best of all, its completely free!

great work man! My makerbot arrives tomorrow and this model will be one of the first things I print.

good luck! I know that feeling, it's like waiting for christmas day and you are 5 years old again lol.. it's awesome

Two words: Brah Voh!
I'm interested in the ball joints, how well do they work?
I assume the non-flat parts like upper leg had to be printed
with supports, was there excessive cleaning to get them to mate?

cheers, the only joints that needed a tiny bit of sanding was the ball joint at the tops of the forearms and the wrists, but we're talking a tiny tiny sand just so it wouldn't push the ball joint back into the section it comes out of. The rest should pop in no probs. The hollow section has 4 splits in it that allow for the slight tolerance with the ball, so those don't split when you pop the joints in either.