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mnadamn's Wide MendelMAX 1.5

by mnadamn, published

mnadamn's Wide MendelMAX 1.5 by mnadamn Nov 22, 2012


Description This is a wide version of the Mendel Max 1.5. The total build area is 12.6" x 8.4" and is based on the large MK1 heatbeds found on ebay. In order to handle the added width of the x-axis and the additional weight on the y-axis, all of the smooth rod has been upped to 10mm. Most files are from other thingiverse users (you guys do great work). There are still several parts which I was just not happy with so I have done those myself.

Updates 12/13/12 - Changed X Ends, added X Carriage, and added Top Vertex. Shown in pic. 1/09/13 - Beefed up X-Idler to add strength for Idlers moved further out. Changed Y rod holders to make construction easier and reduce possible binding. Corrected reversed face on Y motor mount. Also added the SketchUP build file. 1/25/13 - flipped mounting holes for the X End Stepper Motor Needed Fan mounts

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What would yellow and red lengths need to be to make this a 12x12 print area? The Z axis print area is not so much a factor but the larger X and Y axis is what I am shooting for.

How are you mounting the wider heated be to the rods. What about leveling adjustment of the bed?

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Things you will need: 20mm Extrusion - Use colored frame image as a guide. -526mm length (x2) [Blue] -340mm length (x4) [Red] -406mm length (x4) [Green] -420mm length (x4) [Yellow] LM10UU Bearings (x10) Hobbed Bolt Nema 17 Stepper Motors (x5) Lead Screws [8mm or techpaladin] (x2) Lead Screw Coupler (x2) Electronics (your choice, I will be using Ramps 1.4) 30 Amp Power Supply Hot End (I will be using a budaschnozzle 1.2, if you use another you will need to get a new x carriage adapter plate)

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What would yellow and red lengths need to be to make this a 12x12 print area? The Z axis print area is not so much a factor but the larger X and Y axis is what I am shooting for.

This comment has been deleted.

How are you mounting the wider heated be to the rods. What about leveling adjustment of the bed?

that's a cool printer. I m printing and sourcing the parts at the moment, with some modifications on Y axis (will use shuttle carrier, like on the 1.5+). One question: one lead screw nuts do you plan to use with the X-end?

Nice design, I think I'd like to give it a try. Do you have smooth rod measurements? I assume at a minimum the X rods will be longer than stock, by the same amount you increased the extrusions, but I wouldn't want to purchase parts on that assumption.

Here you go, sorry I was out of town and didn't have access to a comp.. i could install sketchup on to measure. The dimensions are as follows and can be extended a little if you prefer. These measurements will leave little to no overhang. X= 595mm

Y= 440mm Z= 365mm

Thanks! Any thoughts on Y carriages? Since that was the part you widened, I'm guessing there's not an existing design that will fit off the shelf. Maybe some sort of generic LM10UU holders that would bolt to the underside of the bed, rather than a dedicated Y carriage design...

Yea, I figured that would be the best way, it will in the long run give you more control and as I have yet to build a printer I wanted to be able to do a little trial and error.

Then, since you used 90% of others work, and only 10% of yours, you should only get 10% of the credit, which wouldn't be enough to list it as NC, fair engouh?

"Most files are from other thingiverse users (you guys do great work)." I have not claimed the credit. This is the printer which I will making for myself which is why my name is on it. The parts which I did are NC (x ends and carriage) as are several others from other thingiverse users. If others have it listed as NC I cannot control that.

I do not see why you are making this such an issue, if you would like to sell this as a kit you can go through the derivatives (all are listed) and download the parts and design the ones that are NC.

How can you take a bunch of files that are freely open, then put them under a more restrictive non-commercial NC license?

Though most files are freely open, not all are. Thus the grouping of files as a whole cannot be.

Hello, could you tell me that firmware has been used for the mnadamn's Wide MendelMAX 1.5. Thanks a lot

This is a hardware change for the MendelMAX. As such, firware would be based mostly on the electronics you use. You can use any firmware/electronics combo you wish that you would use with a prusa or MendelMAX based printer.

The only thing I have left is to work out the belt system.  The quick connect x-carriage designed by richrap looks great and I would love to use it but the belt retention points are off axis by an additional 7+mm.  I am working on a derivative of this which moves that connection to the traditional mounting point but that seems to either loose the belt adjustment or interfere with the release lever.  I am working on a solution to this problem and may have to switch X-ends as Jonaskuehling's will not allow this difference to be made up by sliding the pulley further down the shaft.  

This has been corrected. I have updated the x-ends in order to allow the carriage to work.

This is awesome. I am Benjamin McDaniel, owner of Japica. This heated bed PCB was built specifically for my company, and I am glad to see its being used elsewhere. The "guy" on eBay is a reliable supplier and I can vouch that this PCB is great. My company would like to start producing a mendelmax extended version in addition to our already designed JapicaBot Extended, and I am glad to see that the design has already been made. Thanks so much. 

Thanks for the kind words! The moment I saw that PCB online I knew I had to base my build off of it.  

The heated bed can be found here.  All reviews of the seller through forums say that he is a great person to work with and has no problems answering questions if you call.  Be warned though He told me that it draws 14-15 amps.  Unless you have a 30 amp power supply you may need another. 

 http://www.ebay.com/itm/New-Supersized-Heatbed-MK1-PCB-8-4-X-12-6-Heated-Bed-Heat-for-Prusa-Mendel-/251106200264?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item3a77188ac8http://www.ebay.com/itm/New-Su...  http://www.ebay.com/itm/New-Supersized-Heatbed-MK1-PCB-8-4-X-12-6-Heated-Bed-Heat-for-Prusa-Mendel-/251106200264?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item3a77188ac8 Supersized heatbed

 could you give a link for the large heated bed ? thank you